Derek's marathon ping pong match, Jackson's Sloane-inspired attitude and big lawsuit news on 'Grey's Anatomy'

Derek's marathon ping pong match, Jackson's Sloane-inspired attitude and big lawsuit news on 'Grey's Anatomy'
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Sometimes it’s not all that clear if things are starting or ending, and on this week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” that is all too true.

In a sneak peek of the show (aptly titled “The End Is the Beginning Is the End”), all of the beginnings and endings seem to be all mixed up together.

Though it looked like Owen and Cristina were signing their divorce papers in last week’s episode, this week, Owen mistakenly grabs an intern, mistaking her for Cristina. And by the tray of coffees he’s got, it looks like now that he and Cristina are “out of the box” marriage-wise, they can start all over again.

And though Sloane is gone, it looks like his attitude has been re-born in his mentee, Jackson.

Jackson takes a different approach to treating a teenage patient requiring facial plastic surgery, much to the chagrin of Arizona.

“Mark had a plan,” Arizona admonishes him in the hallway.

“And I have a different plan,” Jackson retorts, insisting his plan will give his patient a more “normal” appearance.

“Mark knew James for 16 years. You’ve known him for 16 minutes,” Arizona says.

But Avery doesn’t back down, not for a moment, and instead offers to walk Arizona through his thought process. Looks like Sloane passed on not just his plastics expertise but his cocky confidence, too.

Callie also decides to take an unorthodox approach in the episode, turning a boardroom table into a ping pong table for Derek’s hand rehabilitation. She believes the action of playing ping pong is similar movement to the one he’ll need for surgery.

“For how long?” he asks.

“How long did (your last surgery) take?” Callie asks.

“Eight hours, I think,” Derek says and receives a knowing look from Callie.

“We’re going to play ping pong of eight hours?” he asks, incredulous, as an intern enters the board room.

An eight hour surgery is one thing, but eight hours of ping pong?!

But he episode isn’t all hallway arguments and endless table-tennis matches. Richard grieves the loss of Adele and Meredith, Derek, Cristina and Arizona receive big news regarding the plane crash lawsuit.

I promise, no spoilers, but in digging around, I found out what happened, and I can promise, the news definitely fits with the title of the episode and is both an end and a beginning...

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