Chandra Wilson brings daughter’s chronic condition to light on 'Grey's Anatomy'

Chandra Wilson brings daughter’s chronic condition to light on 'Grey's Anatomy'
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Getting Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome onto a hit TV show isn’t everyone’s idea of success, but it is for Chandra Wilson, who not only plays Miranda Bailey in “Grey’s Anatomy,” but also directed the last episode.

“This was the first episode not only as a director but as an actor that I actually made a pitch for a storyline,” Wilson told the Hollywood Reporter. “Not only was my pitch accepted, but they incorporated it into the episode that I'm directing. I wanted to incorporate a character who is a Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome sufferer, which was incredibly important to me because my oldest daughter is a CVS sufferer.”

“Treat him and street him,” Owen tells Jo, the intern who is taking care of the undiagnosed CVS sufferer, they call “Santa,” insisting he’s a repeat patient.

But Jo has a gut feeling she follows, refusing to discharge the man, and instead disobeys Hunt and shaves off his beard and cleans him up. “Poor people don’t get good medical care,” she insists and Hunt relents and they get the patient a CT.

But when the CT comes back clean, it’s Alex Karev, who’s been nothing but mean the entire episode, who recognizes the man’s symptoms and diagnosis it as CVS, a syndrome he’s seen before on the pediatric floor.

“To be able to be on a platform where I can get that name out nationally and validate so many sufferers that are out there that haven't heard of it before or people don't believe that they have it or they never knew that it had a name was incredibly important to me,” Wilson says.

This was Wilson’s seventh time in the director’s chair.

For more about Wilson’s take on Bailey getting Arizona up and walking and letting the new attendings whip the interns into shape, check out The Hollywood Reporter.

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