'Beautiful Doom': Effects of plane crash still run deep for Meredith Grey

'Beautiful Doom': Effects of plane crash still run deep for Meredith Grey
by: Sheri Block

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Just when it looked like the Seattle Grace doctors were starting to put the plane crash that killed Lexie Grey and eventually Mark Sloane behind them, we see the effect that horrific day is still having on Meredith Grey.

In a preview for Thursday’s episode titled “Beautiful Doom,” we see Meredith arriving at the scene of a car crash and trying to rescue an injured woman trapped underneath the vehicle. If you can recall, Lexie was trapped under the fuselage after the plane crash, which prompts Meredith to have a flashback of her helpless sister.

To prevent having a repeat outcome, Meredith is determined to do everything she can to save the patient’s life once arriving at Seattle Grace.

“She’ll never make it through another day if I don’t stop this bleeding,” says Meredith.

But Chief Webber suspects Meredith’s heroic efforts have more to do with what happened to Lexie than the critically ill patient.

“After what happened with your sister, emotions might be clouding your judgment,” he says. “There’s a limit to how much this patient can take.” 

We then hear Cristina’s voice saying, “If this goes south, this could be the end for you.”


In an interview with TVLine, Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith, confirms that this patient will bring up plenty of unresolved emotions for her character.

“The underlying subtext of my case is dealing with issues of (Lexie)’s death,” Pompeo told the site. “Emotionally, things that I haven’t dealt with, I sort of play out through taking care of this patient.”

The episode also focuses on Cristina, who will assist Dr. Thomas with a challenging heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic, in a parallel storyline.

“They’re individual storylines,” Pompeo told TVLine, “but in our own storylines it’s sort of all us.”

Even though the episode is centered primarily on Meredith and Cristina, it looks like the two unfortunately won’t be sharing any screen time.

Would Cristina just get on a plane already? It sounds like Meredith could really use “her person.”

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