Sniper in Maple Leaf Gardens: Gripping Flashpoint Fall Finale Airs Nov. 20

Sniper in Maple Leaf Gardens: Gripping Flashpoint Fall Finale Airs Nov. 20
by: CTV

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Hot on the on the heals of three more Gemini Award wins Saturday night, including Best Dramatic series, Canada’s most-watched original drama series Flashpoint wraps its Fall season this Friday, November 20 at 10/9C on CTV.

Shot from inside one of hockey’s greatest temples, historic Maple Leaf Gardens comes back to life, guest-starring as “Godwin Coliseum” when the SRU attempts to disarm a highly-trained and passionate sniper who will to do anything to save the famed arena from demolition.

With unprecedented access, viewers get a never-before seen look at the bowels of Maple Leaf Gardens, including hidden corridors, the Foster Hewitt Gondola, and the announcer's booth used by former house-announcer Paul Morris, as the SRU tracks down their target in one of the series’ most riveting episodes ever. 

In the Fall finale, entitled “Behind the Blue Line,” the Godwin Coliseum (Maple Leaf Gardens), an arena rich with the memories and dreams of millions of people, is slated for demolition and Darren Kovacs (guest star Shawn Roberts, WILD ROSES) decides to fight back.

As Ed (Hugh Dillon) contains the vast arena, riddled with booby traps and occupied by an active shooter, Parker (Enrico Colantoni) and Jules (Amy Jo Johnson) discover that Darren is doing more than defending a stadium. He’s a Canadian soldier, recently returned from Afghanistan and fighting the guilt of losing his best friend in combat. Sam (David Paetkau), haunted by his own ghosts of a military past, reaches out to Darren. Will the connection between the two men lead to a safe resolution or will Darren turn the tables on the team and gain the upper hand?

The Fall finale of Flashpoint will be made available on demand Saturday at 9 a.m. ET on the CTV Video Player at following its television broadcast. Viewers can also catch up on previous episodes at




Team One races to track down Ed's Shooter, While his wife has problems delivering their baby.


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