'It was hard': Actor Mark Taylor responds to a shocking death on 'Flashpoint'

'It was hard': Actor Mark Taylor responds to a shocking death on 'Flashpoint'
by: CTV.ca

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At the climax of one of the most emotional episodes of the series, one of the SRU’s finest officers sacrificed his life to save another’s.

In the season three premiere, “One Wrong Move,” Team One answers the call of a bomb threat in the downtown core, only to discover it’s the first in a series of planned attacks. To deal with the scare, the team splits up while Spike (Sergio Di Zio) and Lew (Mark Taylor) must diffuse two bombs simultaneously.

But when Lew realizes he’s stepped on a landmine, Spike is desperate to find a way to save his friend. Eventually Lew accepts that he can’t stay still any longer, and he detonates the bomb when Spike is out of danger.

As one of the original cast members of “Flashpoint” since the summer of 2009, Taylor tells CTV.ca he was shocked when he first learned about Lew’s fate on the show.

“Near the end of our hiatus, I got a phone call from the producer’s assistant, asking me to come in. I was trying to understand what they were bringing me in for, thinking that they maybe had an episode that had a lot to do with me, or I thought that they were going to fire me,” says Taylor.

“It turned out to be both. I went in the next morning and then they told me. When I heard it, it shook me. It hurt.”

When filming the episode earlier this year, Taylor says that shooting on that particular day was hard, and remembers that it had “a sad vibe.”

In one gut-wrenching scene, Lew, exhausted and trembling, calls his parents one last time before taking his own life. Taylor says inspiration for that scene came from talking to his own real parents, and imagining what it would be like making that call to them.

“It was a sad story, but a good story,” says Taylor.

Before appearing in “Flashpoint,” Taylor has appeared in a variety of film and TV projects, including “Student Bodies,” “Instant Star” and a role in the film “Seventeen Again.”

Yet for the Scarborough, Ontario, native, he admits that he never thought he’d have a career in acting.

“Well, I never even really wanted to be an actor. I had a friend, my best friend, he was doing a talent show and asked me to check it out, and there was an opening for in a fashion show part of it,” says Taylor.

“So I joined that, and it so happened there was an open audition for a new TV series, which was ‘Straight Up.’ So my friend wanted to go to the audition, and he wanted me to go with him. I didn’t want to and he said, ‘Why not?’ But I got the role and that was my first acting job.”

Taylor credits the casting director, Marissa Richmond, for looking out for him and sending him to different auditions before he even had an agent, eventually bringing him onboard for a role on “Flashpoint.”

Now Taylor will happily admit he’s changed his attitude about his career choice.

“I want to keep acting for sure! I want to do movies, something that will make a difference for people. Something that people will watch again and again,” says Taylor.

“Ideally, I’d like to stay home and work, but it’s kind of limiting in a way. Here, you have to keep on starting over.”

One job Taylor won’t rule out either is the possibility of a “Student Bodies” reunion, and is more than willing to revisit his character Romeo.

“I would do it if everything was cool and I liked the idea. I’d be up for it.”




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