‘CSI:NY’s’ A.J. Buckley wants the ‘Flashpoint’ episode he guest stars in to be called, ‘Getting Blown Away by David Paetkau’

‘CSI:NY’s’ A.J. Buckley wants the ‘Flashpoint’ episode he guest stars in to be called, ‘Getting Blown Away by David Paetkau’
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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It’s been David Paetkau’s lifelong dream to take out his best friend, A. J. Buckley and in last night’s episode of “Flashpoint,” he did just that.

Buckley, who plays Adam Ross on “CSI: NY,” plays a delusional man and gifted pianist who kidnaps a baby and holds her hostage on Toronto’s  Centre Island ferry in last night’s episode of “Flashpoint.

And in an interview on the boat between takes, Paetkau tells me it all began when he and Buckley lived together down in L.A.

“Shooting A.J. Buckley is something I wanted to do since I lived with the guy,” Paetkau says with a laugh.

“It was an absolute nightmare living with him,” Buckley jokes.

Buckley was living with two other actors in a small bungalow in the Hollywood Hills when Paetkau came down to visit. “He came down to visit for a week and then he was the roommate who never left,” laughs Buckley. “He did buy us a printer, though, and educated us on worldly topics every morning because he would read the paper.”

Buckley says he started watching “Flashpoint” to see his ex-roommate. “I’m a big fan of the show and I’d  call (David) and tell him how amazing the show was and to congratulate him on it.”

“We’ve joked about him coming on the show for a long time,” Paetkau adds. “I always said, ‘Come on ‘Flashpoint!’ Maybe I’ll shoot ya!’”

And that’s just what happens.

“Harold is cornered and nothing’s really making sense. He’s in and out of his realities and confused about what he wants,” Buckley says about the schizophrenic character he plays.

“He’s really misunderstood. The way he perceives the world is totally different to what is happening. There’s a really sad side to this character.  It’s not his fault by any means.”

The character of Harold couldn’t be more different from Buckley’s “CSI: NY” character.  “You get into the routine,” Buckley says about the eighth season of the U.S. drama. “Adam comes in and delivers the information to drive the story and there’s at times no emotional contact or connection to what’s going on.”

“It’s nice to be able to play a role where you can sink your teeth into a character and unleash your mind a little bit.”

A very chilly (and loud!) set visit

I was invited out to the set to interview Buckley and the rest of the cast. Though it was a sunny day, it was terribly cold on top of that boat! Even with the beautiful backdrop of the city in the distance, it was incredibly disturbing to hear Buckley’s voice crack over and over again as Ed Lane (Hugh Dillon) tries to talk him down.

“I think I’m losing my voice from yelling so much,” Buckley says. 

Though there’s a stunt double on hand, wearing the exact same jacket, and textured burgundy tie as Buckley, he insists he’s ready to get shot and fall into the dinghy.

Mid-way through our interview, he is handed an identical jacket and I’m handed a pair of earplugs. “This jacket is pre-rigged with a tiny amount of blood in the front and a lot of blood in the back,” Buckley explains.

“They put little explosions that shoot out blood.”

It’s terribly graphic to watch live, and louder than I thought it would be.

“The highlight of the day was definitely getting blown away by David Paetkau,” laughs Buckley. “That’s what the episode should be called, “Getting Blown Away by David Paetkau.”

The two part series finale starts on December 6th with a live chat and After Show with the cast. For more information click here!

“Flashpoint” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at CTV.ca.


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