Is there romance in the air for 'Flashpoint's' eternal bachelor? Sergio Di Zio thinks so

Is there romance in the air for 'Flashpoint's' eternal bachelor? Sergio Di Zio thinks so
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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“Spike and Winnie, sitting in a tree…”

Well, not quite, but at the end of Episode 9, Spike did ask Winnie if she wanted to join him on a trip to Italy.

“You want to be my wingman, keep all my aunts from wondering why I’m still single?” Spike asks Winnie.

“What’s in it for me?” she asks, with quite the flirty smile.

“All the homemade wine you can drink,” answers Spike.

Now, she didn’t agree, but she didn’t say no either… (I mean, who could forgo the offering of endless homemade wine?)

“Winnie and I start circling each other this season,” says actor Sergio Di Zio, who plays Team One’s shy and eternally single bomb expert. “It happens – somebody’s around all the time and then all of a sudden you’re like, ‘Hey, maybe I kind of like you!’”

In five seasons, Spike is the only member of Team One who hasn’t had any love interests. “Everyone close to him dies,” Di Zio says with a laugh, referencing his dad at the end of Season 4 and Lewis "Lou" Young, his best friend to a landmine in Season 2.

And though he doesn’t know if  a conversation he had last year with co-creators Stephanie Morgenstern and  Mark Ellis had anything to do with the Spike and Winnie storyline, he likes to think it might have.

“I was riding in the car with them to the Geminis last year and Stephanie says, ‘Okay, now or never, tell us what you dream of for next year,’” Di Zio says.

“So I said,’Spike needs a lady!’”

Di Zio and actress Tattiawna Jones who plays Winnie started hamming it up whenever they could – slow dancing in front of the executive producers and looking dreamily into each other’s eyes, Di Zio says with a laugh.

“We were trying to plant an idea and it looks like it stuck!

“All of a sudden, we start in on this cool storyline – here’s this person who’s in your life every day, all the time, and you really like them until one day you look at them and go, hey, maybe this is something I should pursue.

“It’s really sweet and really lovely.”

The countdown to the “Flashpoint” finale is on. The remaining five episodes of “Flashpoint” air Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at


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