From sniper manuals to Italian footballs, the 'Flashpoint' set is filled with the most fitting details

From sniper manuals to Italian footballs, the 'Flashpoint' set is filled with the most fitting details
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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As a writer, I have a built-in appreciation for detail – inaccuracies simply won’t slide in my line of work. The same is true on the set of “Flashpoint”, where it’s vital that the show achieves a realistic depiction of the gritty profession of the Strategic Response Unit.

When I arrived on set to observe what goes on behind the scenes, the cast and crew were shooting an upcoming episode on a set made to look like the interior of a house.

I followed a long ramp, passing a huge “SRU” logo on the cement wall with the words “Armis Exposcere Pacem,” Latin for “They demanded peace by force of arms.” It all felt so real.

Check out the gallery of my set visit here.

The gun cage was chillingly realistic, with racks and racks of weaponry and a big sign indicating that there was “live ammunition.” Right next to it was a series of shooting targets, which sent a shiver up my spine.

Next to the gun cage was the locker room where my “attention-to-detail-o-meter” went through the roof. Spike’s locker had an Italian soccer ball and photos of him as a kid dressed up as Batman, and another picture of a pig roast, presumably a pleasant memory from Spike’s past.

The door of Sam’s locker was covered with photos of him on one of his military tours.

The lockers were pretty amazing, but the highlight of my set visit was picking up the phone behind Winnie’s desk, saying “Hot call!” to anyone who would listen

(P.S.: those binders behind Winnie? They’re all filled with “Taser Reports” and an “SRU Sniper Manual!”)

“Flashpoint” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at


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