'Flashpoint' Finale Contest: Week Two's emotional farewells and another winner

'Flashpoint' Finale Contest: Week Two's emotional farewells and another winner
by: CTV

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With only two episodes left in the series, viewers from across Canada have entered the Finale contest and have been sending in their heartfelt messages to the cast of "Flashpoint."

Week One winner is Coquitlam, B.C.'s Joanne Kokol who won a "Flashpoint" locations poster, signed by the producers.

Excerpts from Week Two’s contest entries:

Annie Crete from Florenceville, NB

I want to say, plain and simple, thank you. This show has honestly changed my life. Over the past five years of watching “Flashpoint,” the show has helped me understand what I want to do with myself and who I am as a person. I find myself realizing that I want to be able to stand for those who can't for themselves. “Connect, respect, and protect” is something we should all live by.

Andrew Hinds from Sudbury Ont.

I am a police officer in Sudbury, Ontario. I am a huge fan of “Flashpoint” and love how you accurately portray what a real life Police Officer goes through. Not every day is a gun fight or high-speed pursuit, but every day is a struggle with family, friends, co-workers, shift work and trying to up hold the high standards set out by the communities that employ us. We do it with pride and passion for our jobs.

Your show did a great job to show its viewers how tough our jobs can be and how we put everything on the line when we put on our uniform. It is impressive how the writers and actors did their homework to ensure they portrayed an officer with dignity and respect even when the story line took that officer to a dark place.
Your series left many Canadians with a positive view of Law Enforcement. This job does not offer much for thanks at the end of the day, however , when I watched your show I felt a sense of appreciation that someone recognizes what we do and what it takes to do it. I will miss the team from the SRU and wish you all luck with your future endeavours.

Gisela Kramell from St-Lazare, Que.

I wanted to let you all know how much I have enjoyed “Flashpoint” over the years.  I was so proud to tell everyone about this incredible Canadian show.  “Flashpoint” is one of the only shows that my husband and I can watch together.  We truly enjoy the action scenes as well as the drama, and of course the comedic parts as well.  Even my children love the show, as it opens up a lot of family discussions. 
Thank you, Parker (Enrico), Ed (Hugh), Spike (Sergio), Sam (David), Jules (Amy Jo), Leah (Oluniké), the late Raf (Cle) and Winnie (Tattiawna) for coming into our home each week and captivating us, we will sincerely miss you!  Thank you to the rest of the cast and crew for bringing this wonderful show to life.

Amelia Hewitt from Ottawa, Ont

What sets this show apart from all the other cop dramas out there is the fact that everything is not black and white when comes to deciding who the good guy is and who the bad guy is. Each show takes you through an emotional journey which for me is the hallmark of an incredible show. Thanks to all the wonderful writers, actors and staff for bringing us great shows week after week and proving that Canada can truly produce some awesome TV.

Adila Stoba from Oakville, Ont.

Where do I start? I'm a busy working mom of two boys ages six and ten. This show is THE only show my husband and I set aside time to watch. No other show is watched consistently in our house. We chanced upon it in 2008, at the time we'd only just moved to the GTA from England and didn't realize that it was actually filmed in Toronto. We watched it sporadically when we could, until one day we were staring at the screen and thought, isn't that the Gardiner and The DVP? The Science Centre, and did they just say Dundas? We were hooked from that point on!

As newcomers to the area, watching the show has made us feel like we belonged here. Our first year here was hard, having left friends and family behind in the UK, but this show just made us feel "at home".

I also used to volunteer as an advanced care medic (first responder) and the references to PTSD really struck a chord with me. During my time volunteering, there were some incidents I will never forget. One in particular which involved the near drowning of a two year old boy. Your portrayal of the delayed reaction, the numbness, the sudden mood swings, it was all so real; as was your portrayal of the camaraderie and support offered by colleagues in the field when these incidents happen.

Thank you for bringing us this great show! It makes me feel proud to live here and be a part of it! I'll miss you all but wish you all the luck and successes in the world.

Bill Scholefield from Winnipeg, Man.

As a retired Sergeant with 33 years of service on the Toronto Police Service, I have to admit that this is the best Police show/movie I have seen. The story-lines were realistic, and the episodes which mirrored real scenarios were professionally done. The guest actors were all good, but the regular cast were what made each episode.

Each cast member had their own strong character, and even though individuals, they always came off as a team as any SRU/"ETF" unit should be.
I had the pleasure of working with Enrico's brother during my career, never knowing that his brother was so talented. My son and I have watched every episode and “Flashpoint” will be missed.

Best wishes to the cast and crew, and may they have many years of continued success in their acting and singing careers.
Thanks for a great ride folks and stay safe.

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The two part series finale starts on December 6th with a live chat and After Show with the cast. For more information click here!

“Flashpoint” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at CTV.ca.




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