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Winnie Camden

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Tattiawna Jones

Born in a small mining town in northern Ontario, Tattiawna Jones couldn't wait to hit the big city of Toronto and start the journey to the acting career of her dreams. She never dreamed it would start with such a bang. Tattiawna has been featured in a multitude of successful television shows including Republic of Doyle (as Marie Booth), Heartland (as Kelly James), and The LA Complex (as Dawna). Her recent film appearances include the role of Lota in Canadian cinema icon Guy Maddin's latest film Keyhole, which premiered at TIFF in 2011.

When away from her desk at the SRU, Tattiawna goes back to the theatre to hone her craft. Her theatre credits include Marcia Marie in a production of John Patrick Shanley’s Where's My Money, directed by Michele Lonsdale-Smith. Jones works internationally in both Canada and the United States, adding to the Canadian talent on the world stage.

When it's time to unwind Tattiawna can usually be found riding horses or practicing archery. Action and adventure are two of her favorite pastimes.

Winnie Camden

From her desk at SRU’s Communication Centre, Winnie is the calm at the centre of the storm, the quiet force that helps hold the Team together even though the most highstress situations. She’s worked so closely with Team One that she can anticipate its needs and keep the flow of information coming.

It’s a difficult position: to be so intimately connected with the Team members – with their voices in her ear, her voice in theirs – yet she’s half a city away.




Team One races to track down Ed's Shooter, While his wife has problems delivering their baby.


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