David Paetkau

Sam Braddock, Sniper

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David Paetkau

David Paetkau was most recently seen in the independent feature Goon with Jay Baruchel and Sean William Scott, and will next be seen in the Warner Bros. feature Man of Steel directed by Zack Snyder. David’s numerous film and television credits include the highly acclaimed Showtime series Dexter and the cult-favorite horror film Final Destination 2.

Before getting his big break in the Chevy Chase family comedy Snow Day, David spent a year backpacking through Europe and the Middle East after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Concordia University in Montreal.

David's birthday is November 10th and he was born in Vancouver, BC. He now lives in Toronto with his wife and two young children.

Sam Braddock, Sniper

Sam left military service overseas with the JTF 2 (Joint Task Force 2, Canada’s elite Special Operations counter-terrorism force) to join the SRU. He’s come a long way since his arrival on the team – his cocky confidence and sense of entitlement have matured, and Sam has proven himself a disciplined and crucially valuable member of the team.

In Season Five, Sam always goes beyond the call of duty when a conflict strikes close to home. Sam risks everything to help a desperate man fight his way through a firestorm of bullets to get his young son to safety. And when Sam realizes a vulnerable military man is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for his cause, Sam sets aside his own safety to pull him back from the brink.




Team One races to track down Ed's Shooter, While his wife has problems delivering their baby.


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