Amy Jo Johnson

Julianna 'Jules' Callaghan, Secondary Negotiator

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Amy Jo Johnson

Johnson remains familiar to television audiences through her roles on the WB smash hit Felicity, ABC Family’s Wildfire, Lifetime’s The Division, as well as roles in What About Brian, ER and Spin City. Additionally, she starred in the Hallmark Channel MOW Hard Ground with Burt Reynolds and Bruce Dern, and Sweetwater, VH1’s first movie. She can next be seen in the feature film adaptation of Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes.

She has starred in the independent films Interstate 60 opposite Gary Oldman, Pursuit of Happiness with Frank Whaley and Annabeth Gish, Fatal Trust, Sternman, Veritas, Liars Club, and in the Warner Brothers feature Without Limits. Equally passionate about music as she is about film, Amy Jo has released two albums independently: The Trans-American Treatment and Imperfect, both available on her official music website She has earned rave reviews for her performances in Los Angeles and New York.

Another of Amy Jo’s passions is children. She has made frequent trips in the past to Croatia and Bosnia as a volunteer with Global Children’s Organization. She currently lives in Canada with her husband, daughter, and their Portuguese water dog, Archie.

Julianna 'Jules' Callaghan, Secondary Negotiator

Jules is an exceptional markswoman, ex-RCMP, who holds her own in the testosteronepumped team environment. She has a natural, small-town, prairie-girl confidence that looks you in the face, tells it like it is and expects the truth back. It’s this grounded, upfront quality – in addition to her natural gift of human intuition and empathy – that also make her a strong right hand for Parker as a profiler and negotiator.

Now that Jules and Sam no longer have to hide their relationship, Season Five sees them thinking deeply about the next steps. Though both would love to start a family, they witness one call after another where the powerful bond between a parent and child puts lives at risk – including their own as SRU officers. Can they really bring a kid into this world when they can’t even promise to come home alive? Instead, Jules channels her nurturing instincts when she reaches out to a troubled teenage girl on the run – just as a female cop reached out to her when she was a trouble-maker at that age.




Team One races to track down Ed's Shooter, While his wife has problems delivering their baby.


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