Dr. Oz shares the secret to holiday weight loss

Dr. Oz shares the secret to holiday weight loss
In this publicity image released by Harpo, Inc., Dr. Mehmet Oz is pictured during the production of "The Dr. Oz Show" in New York on Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2009. (AP Photo/Harpo Inc., David M. Russell)
by: Sheri Block

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What’s the best piece of advice Dr. Oz has for someone who wants to lose weight?

Make a New Year’s resolution and stick to it.  

“When you (make a resolution), it increases the chance of you succeeding in (your) desire by tenfold,” Dr. Oz told reporters during a recent conference call.

“Only about four or five per cent of people who don't do New Year's resolutions will have similar kinds of statistics, even if they have the same desire. New Year's resolutions matter.”

But Dr. Oz says one of the major mistakes people make when setting resolutions is not being concrete enough.

He suggests setting out a specific goal, such as ‘I want to lose seven pounds this month’ and to let other people know about your goal, so you will have to be accountable to not only yourself, but to them.

“That will allow you to succeed at a much greater rate than people who don't do those two things.”

He also advises people not to beat themselves up over what they ate during the holidays and to start fresh with a resolution on January 1st. 

That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t take some steps to prevent holiday weight loss in the first place.

He says the two things that drive weight gain during the holidays are increased alcohol and not getting enough sleep.

“When you don't sleep, you create carbohydrates, so you'll eat things you normally wouldn't have eaten,” says Dr. Oz.

“The biggest tip I would give you is don't be a two-fisted eater and drinker. Always break your drinks up with a glass of water in between them, which will both prevent hangovers, but slow down the rate at which you drink the carbs from the drinks . . . (and) it's a good time to try to slow down your eating, especially at the holiday parties.”

Dr. Oz does his own share of indulging at the holidays, especially on chocolate.

He chooses dark chocolate, and he advises other chocolate lovers to do the same, as it doesn’t have as much fat as milk chocolate.

“My biggest addiction . . . is dark chocolate around nuts. I love that combination of chocolate with salt and I have zero self control when that happens so one little trick that I have learned, and I use it frequently these days, is I always drink a sip of water after I have a piece of chocolate or whatever because at least it cleanses my pallet. Otherwise the salt and the sweet reinforces that I want them.”

To help make a weight loss resolution a success, Dr. Oz says you have to make it easy for yourself to do the right thing, which is difficult in a society where it’s easy to do the wrong thing.

“The classic example of that are simple carbohydrates. So we have white foods, white rice, white flour, white pasta, white sugars in almost everything that we snack on . . . and the processed foods that we have around us.

“Remember, sugars and salts are addictive. They're as addictive as crack cocaine for many people. And they are used commonly because they do have that impact. So you'll want more of them.”

He adds that the No. 1 food correlated with weight gain in the U.S. is french fries.

“French fries are fried, simple carbohydrates . . . and they have salt on them. So you've got the trifecta and that's why it leads to so much weight gain among so many Americans.”

Other tips for a healthier New Year:

*Make fitness a priority – even it’s just for a few minutes each day.
*Eat breakfast at home – it’s healthier than eating out and will improve your functionality throughout the day.
*Give green tea another shot.


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