Dr. Oz discusses the ‘most poetic organ’ and reveals that you can actually die from a broken heart

Dr. Oz discusses the ‘most poetic organ’ and reveals that you can actually die from a broken heart
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Grief – it’s one of the most lonely and isolating of human experiences, but it’s also very common, says Emmy Award winning host Dr. Oz.

“I was talking to a friend yesterday who’s lost both of his siblings,” says Oz in a recent conference call. “He’s a young guy and I thought how weird it is to lose both of your siblings that you grew up with.

“And he will always grieve, that will always be a part of his life.”

Oz continues that though grief is part of life, one of the biggest misconceptions is setting a timeline on “getting over” loss.

“One of the big mistakes we make with grief is thinking that it has an expiration date, that you should stop grieving after X number of months or years.

“It doesn’t work that way. I think many people live with grief their whole life.”

Oz notes that it’s often happened that he’s been operating on one patient, only to have their spouse collapse in the waiting room and then had to operate on them.

“We know that the chance of dying increases dramatically when people who have been married for many years lose a spouse,” says Oz. “This broken heart syndrome that was studied by the Hopkins Group several years ago happens because hormones surge during grief and literally slow down the ability of the heart to function and there ensuing heart failure.”

So it turns out dying of a broken heart isn’t just a phrase we toss around. “It’s not just that metaphorical (phrase). In fact, the heart, which is our most poetic organ, is so for a reason because it speaks to us in so many different ways.”

The most important thing in dealing with grief, Oz reflects is leaning on friends and family.
“If you (don’t) have loved ones around you who can provide that safety net and help you through the difficult time, your loss of life is measured in months, not years,” he says.

“So the ability for us to come together to help someone who’s grieving is the single most important thing we can do.”

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