From moonwalking to the twist: 'Dancing With The Stars' All-Stars reveal their signature dances

From moonwalking to the twist: 'Dancing With The Stars' All-Stars reveal their signature dances
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Forget the paso doblé and Argentinian tango, when the “Dancing With The Stars” All-Stars shake it, they channel their inner Michael Jackson and moonwalk up a storm.  They told who their dance idols are and what moves they like to bust out on the dance floor...

What is your favorite dance move?

Emmitt Smith:
I enjoy them all, and don’t really have a particular favourite.

Bristol Palin: I like the tootsie roll and wish I could do it like Kyle Massey did on his freestyle dance!

Joey Fatone: That's a hard one. I think the Pee Wee Herman.

Shawn Johnson:
Gangnum style for sure!

Gilles Marini: The moonwalk!  I am a diehard Michael Jackson fan!

Sabrina Bryan: When I was in the Cheetah Girls, we did a cover version of "Shake Your Tailfeather" for the Chicken Little soundtrack and we got to do a bunch of classic dance moves, like The Sprinkler and The Twist. It was a blast!

Who is your favourite dancer?

Emmitt Smith:
I love the dancers from the movie, “Step Up.”

Bristol Palin: Confession: I don't know anything about dance! I was never involved in any sort of performing arts growing up – I played basketball, volleyball and football – so, the kind of finesse a person needs in dancing is all new to me! My cousin McKinley and her friends at Sonja's Dance in Wasilla, however, are pretty dang good!

Joey Fatone:
Michael Jackson, of course.
Shawn Johnson:
Derek Hough, of course!

Gilles Marini: Gene Kelly.  He is my inspiration this season.  He was a genius.

Sabrina Bryan: My all-time favorite performer is Judy Garland. When I was a kid, I wanted so much to be like her and she inspired to me to take acting and singing lessons.

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