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Part catalyst for change and part epic road movie, CLARA’S BIG RIDE is an inspiring new film that tackles the profound conversation about mental health and the stigma that surrounds it.

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In the course of making Clara’s Big Ride, the film crew had the opportunity to meet a number of young individuals throughout Canada whose stories were very moving and powerful.  Though not all of them were incorporated into the film, we have featured several of these personal accounts right here.

Clara's Video Diary

Clara agreed to do a personal video diary captured by her husband and riding partner, Peter Guzman.  With real intimacy and frankness, Clara spoke of her joys, inspirations and frustrations. Many of these revealing and special moments did not make it into the film but can be explored here.

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  • Featured Voices

    On her journey, Clara met some inspirational people who bravely live with mental illness. Here are the people featured in the documentary.

  • Clara on the Road

    Clara's ride across Canada is captured in photos.

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Clara's Big Ride

Wednesday, January 28 at 7pm ET

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Clara's Big Ride