The 'Castle’ scoop: Castle gets quippy while Espo perfects his swagger

The 'Castle’ scoop: Castle gets quippy while Espo perfects his swagger
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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After the drama on last week's episode between Castle and Beckett and Castle’s ex-wife, things seem to have settled down on the “Caskett” front as the pair enter into New York's music industry to investigate a murder.

But in a clip of Monday’s episode titled, “Under The Influence,” it looks like Esposito is the one in the middle of drama.

As the team searches for the killer of an up-and-coming DJ, Esposito swaggers in a bar and levels an enormous body guard to get to a certain Mr. Winters who is drinking in a booth.

“Put ‘em on, or better yet, resist arrest,” he dares the suspect, slapping handcuffs on the table.

Now, Espo might get the badass award, but the winning quip goes (of course!) to Castle himself. When he and Beckett stumble into the musician’s house post-party, a man stumbles into the foyer.

“NYPD,” Beckett says, flashing her badge. "Where’s the host?’

“Forget the host,” Castle says to the party-goer, “where are your pants?”

“Naw, I’ve been there,” he adds. “Check by the pool.”

Castle quip FTW!

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