TV love: Have Castle and Beckett taken a page from Meredith and McDreamy?

TV love: Have Castle and Beckett taken a page from Meredith and McDreamy?
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Boy falls for Girl. Girl falls for Boy. Boy falls out of love with Girl. Girl pines over Boy. Girl falls in love with another. Boy falls back in love with Girl. Girl breaks up with other and re-falls in love with Boy. And on. And on. And on...

Many TV shows are based on seasons worth of romantic tension between their two main characters (Ross and Rachel, anyone!) but as soon as the characters get together, viewers often lose interest as the couple goes on to live happily ever after. It’s why some shows wait for the final season to put their main characters together.

But halfway into Season 5, it looks like Castle and Beckett are taking a page from “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Meredith and McDreamy. (Note: no adoptions or dream houses made out of candles are in the works quite yet). Like the doctor pair, Castle and Beckett are figuring out how to work together during the day and still keep the flame alive when work is over.

Though the writer-cop duo have already had their rough patches – from awkward parent dinners to feeling anxious about (Castle’s!) exes, on Monday’s episode, it looks like they’ll be getting into the Christmas spirit…together!

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