More dead bodies than dance montages: 'Flashdance' star Jennifer Beals joins 'Castle'

More dead bodies than dance montages: 'Flashdance' star Jennifer Beals joins 'Castle'
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Even though “Flashdance” star Jennifer Beals will be guest-starring in the next two episodes, don’t expect any one shoulder sweatshirts, leg warmers, or dancing montages on “Castle.” And instead of water pouring down from the ceiling, there’s a body that falls from a fourth storey window.

In the episode, “Pandora,” airing on February 13th, the former “Flashdance” actress stars as Sophia Turner, a CIA operative from Castle's past.

Beckett, however, is not impressed by this new (sexy!) lady, with the police detective demanding in the preview: “What the hell is going on here?”

And you know she can’t be thrilled when she finds out Castle and Turner were close enough for Castle to base a book character around her. A little too close for comfort, to say the least.

Castle, Beckett and Turner pursue a ruthless killer who isn’t just a murderer, but is also part of a sinister, international conspiracy. “This is just like being in a Jason Bourne movie,” Castle says gleefully (before he gets flung around the front seat of a car).

Castle’s daughter, Alexis also makes an appearance at the crime scene, sporting a “Medical Examiner” on her jacket. It’s for her internship, she explains, hoping that shadowing Dr. Parrish will help her application for med school.

Castle, however, is clearly none-too-thrilled about sharing “his” crime scenes with his daughter.

And though he can be petulant and childish, his reaction this time might be warranted – the crime scene his daughter witnesees involves a victim who fell out of a fourth floor window, who was not only shot with bullets, stabbed and choked, but also ended up with a pencil jammed inside of his neck.

“Overkill” indeed…

The first part of the Jennifer Beals episode on “Castle” airs Monday, Feb. 13 at 10pm ET/PT on CTV Two.



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