Forget Brangelina, Beckett and Castle have become the newest power couple, 'Caskett'

Forget Brangelina, Beckett and Castle have become the newest power couple, 'Caskett'
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Move over Brangelina, it’s time for the new power couple, Caskett – yup, Castle and Beckett have come up with their own title (or…at least Castle did).

Spoilers ahead!

Castle and Beckett headed to Castle’s vacation home in the Hamptons for their very first weekend away, but their romantic rendez-vous was quickly sabotaged by a murder victim stumbling into Castle’s pool -- an investigation they couldn’t keep themselves from getting involved in.

And though they slipped out of the precinct without anyone suspecting their tryst, Ryan and Esposito are far too curious about the new boyfriend Kate refuses to name. Ryan ends up finding out about “Caskett,” however, though he doesn’t let on to Esposito…not yet anyways.

My favourite moment in that last episode, however, was the “Murder She Wrote” quip, which Castle refines to “murder HE wrote,” referencing the classic Angela Lansbury series where a  mystery writer ends up in the middle of murder investigations (though Jessica Fletcher isn’t quite as dashing as our Rick…!)

For more on the murder in the Hamptons and outing of Castle and Beckett’s not-so-quite clandestine relationship, check out

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