'Castle': The lovebirds might be engaged, but does Castle really only have a day to live?

'Castle': The lovebirds might be engaged, but does Castle really only have a day to live?
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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After five full seasons of waiting, Beckett and Castle are engaged (YAY!) but Beckett doesn’t really have time to be trying on dresses any time soon as it was revealed at the end of the premiere episode that Castle’s got less than a day to live.


But before things went sideways, Castle slipped a (huge!) rock over Beckett’s finger and the pair decided that they’d make it work, even as Beckett took her dream job in Washington, D.C.

The dream job turns out to be more intense than she was anticipating, however, and after a surprise visit from Castle, things start to get even more complicated.

Feeling left behind on the police work front, Castle offered to help Beckett with her classified case, but when she refused, he (of course!) didn’t take no for an answer and decided to do what he’s always done, and tried  to use his wit and charm to figure out the case himself.

This time, though, things didn’t go according to plan as he was taken into a car at gun point. After he watched the driver of the car die at the wheel and was interrogated by the Feds,

Beckett revealed to him that the car he had been forced into had an aerosolized chemical pumped into the air system. This military grade chemical agent was what killed the driver, and, most troubling, Castle had been exposed to it.

“Based on the amount in your bloodstream, you have less than a day to live,” Beckett revealed, followed by the most frustrating words for a TV audience: To Be Continued.

We’ll finally find out what will happen to Castle on the next episode, titled “Dreamworld.”

“I feel fine, maybe they were wrong,” he insists in a preview of the episode.

“We’re going to find whoever’s behind this. We’re looking into every possible lead,” Beckett insists, keeping her cool.

But Castle isn’t consoled: “That’s what you say when you’re nowhere,” he says.

We can only hope that Beckett and her new partner Rachel McCord, played by former “House” star Lisa Edelstein, are one step ahead of whoever got their hands on this lethal chemical compound so the two lovebirds can make it down the aisle this season.


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