Dr. Langston's inner demons come to light in 'CSI' finale

Dr. Langston's inner demons come to light in 'CSI' finale
by: Tyrone Warner

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When season 22 wraps on Thursday, May 12, one CSI will face off with their deadliest enemy.

In the episode, entitled “In a Dark, Dark House,” Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne) finally confronts his long-hated foe, serial killer Nate Haskell, inside the ominous house where Haskell committed his first murder, beginning the most brutal of killing sprees.

Haskell, also known as “The Dick & Jane Killer” (and played by actor Bill Irwin), was first mentioned on “CSI” in the season nine episode, “19 Down,” when Langston also made his first appearance on the series.

In another episode, “Doctor Who,” Haskell beckoned Langston to his cell with a clue in a case he was investigating, only to stab Langston later in “Meat Jekyll,” the season ten finale. Langston survived, but with one less kidney. Things became even more complicated between Haskell and Langston when Langston took the stand in Haskell’s trial to rebuke Haskell’s defence of having grown up with an abusive father and possessing the MAOA gene, which predisposes someone to violent behaviour.

On the stand, Langston revealed to all that he too had an alcoholic father growing up, and that he also possessed the MAOA gene. Later that episode, Haskell escaped from custody.

With the truth about Langston’s past exposed, audiences began to see that Langston indeed possessed a deep dark side, which he elaborated on in the episode “Unleashed,” when he said that he became a doctor because he thought that, as long as he was helping people, he wouldn’t be hurting them.

However, Langston also said that if it was his violent side that caught Haskell, he would kill him.

Now the question remains: what will happen when Langston finally does meet Haskell? Will Langston throw his entire career away in a violent fit against the enemy that has dogged him for the last couple of years? Or does he possess a stronger will that even he realizes? Viewers will find out soon.

In other “CSI” news, the May 5 episode, “Cello and Goodbye,” marked the 250th episode of the series. The past season drew headlines for its two appearances by Canadian pop star Justin Bieber.

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