‘Blue Bloods’’ Tom Selleck muses on his iconic moustache

‘Blue Bloods’’ Tom Selleck muses on his iconic moustache
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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When you think of Tom Selleck, the actor’s iconic moustache might be the first thing that comes to mind. But Selleck, who plays “Blue Blood’s” Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, says it’s only a small part of his character.

“I was born without it,” he joked in a recent conference call. “It’s not a show about a moustache . . . and I still think it’d be interesting (to play the role) without it.”

So does this mean we will see a clean-faced Commissioner in an upcoming episode?

“I don’t think so,” he laughs, adding he doesn’t lose sleep thinking about it.

Even though Selleck may downplay its relevance, his moustache is very specific to his character.  “If it was a little more Fu Manchu-y, it wouldn’t be up to New York (Police Department) regulation.”

And you can be sure Frank Reagan’s ‘stache is up to code! It has to be trimmed a certain way, says Selleck. “It can’t go below the lip.”

Selleck’s ‘stache first grew famous on “Magnum P.I.,” (along with his Hawaiian shirt, baseball cap and red Ferrari!) and it was because of this role that he couldn’t take the role of Indiana Jones (played, of course, by Harrison Ford).

Selleck also turned down the role of the “Baywatch” lead Mitch Buchannon (a role taken on by David Hasselhoff).

But long before “Blue Bloods” and “Magnum P.I.” fame, Selleck’s first TV appearance was on the iconic show “The Dating Game.”

And yes, ladies, back then, he was clean-shaven! Baby-faced even!



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