Tom Selleck believes the weekly family dinner is the heart of 'Blue Bloods'

Tom Selleck believes the weekly family dinner is the heart of 'Blue Bloods'
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Forget positive attributes, actor Tom Selleck believes the strength of “Blue Blood’s”  lies in its characters’ flaws.

“That's what attracts actors to roles and that's what I think makes audiences identify,” the actor who plays Commissioner Frank Reagan says in a recent conference call.

“This widower is the patriarch of the family (and) the moral centre. And when he's on his good days he can be looked up to. But hopefully he has some days that make him human and flawed too.

“We consider ourselves character-driven and not as procedural,” he says, believing the Reagan family dinner scenes help the show stay distinct and unique.

“I think (these dinners are) the heart of the show,” says Selleck, adding that by the time the show gets to the family dinner, “the audience is kind of in on a secret . . . They know what all the characters are sitting on emotionally and they know when certain subjects come up it might not go smoothly.”

But these dinners aren’t just about the Reagans catching up, but also about giving the cast a chance to reconnect.

“On a television series with this many main characters, you can shoot for a month and maybe not see one of your fellow actors. What is so nice about our show (is that) once every seven or eight days (the whole cast) is going to get to see each other.

“When we're shooting family dinner, we've got so much catching up to do as people rather than as characters. In between each take we're all doing a lot of talking.

“Sometimes it's hard for the directors to get our attention because we're kind of kidding around and playing with the young kids and all sorts of stuff.”

Catch up on Selleck's moustache through the years.

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