The Insider: Jerry, Jewelry and George

The Insider: Jerry, Jewelry and George
by: Tyrone Warner

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With the third day of the junket coming to a close, I’d like to honour the celebrity attendees with a few various awards, honouring the merits of their contributions to the press interviews.

VIDEO BLOG #1 "Welcome to LA"
VIDEO BLOG #2 "Protein Style"
VIDEO BLOG #3 "Grissom Would Approve"
VIDEO BLOG #4 "The Secret Garden"
VIDEO BLOG #5 "Viva Las Vegas"
VIDEO BLOG #6 "Ahead by a Century"
VIDEO BLOG #7 "That's a Wrap"

The actor most like their on-screen character: George Eads. I have to say that the laid-back Texan fully embodies his “CSI” character Nick Stokes in every way, from the self-deprecating humour to the down-to-earth demeanour.

The actor least like their on-screen character: Jerry O’Connell. This “Defenders” star was the opposite of his high-octane, quick talking character... when I interviewed him, he was very genuine, warm and polite.

Best dressed actor of the junket: Eva LaRue. LaRue wore the bolded print of the weekend, a dark leopard-ish look that perfectly complimented her honey-hued hair and nails.

Most interactive and technologically savvy actor: Gary Sinise. Which other actor tweeted a picture of me at the junket? Only Sinise did.

Most intimidating actor: David Caruso. While telling a story about being a concerned parent, Caruso slipped into “H” mode, dropping his voice into that gravelly baritone and scaring the crap out of our table. But he is actually a very nice guy.

Actor least enthusiastic in their support of a Grissom-Katherine relationship: Marg Helgenberger. I really thought more people would have been on board with this idea... turns out no one is, especially Helgenberger.

Most musically talented actor: Jim Belushi. While Sinise does play the bass guitar, Belushi had everyone hopping with his Elvis impersonation. As I mentioned before, I’ll never forget “duetting” with him on a couple verses of “Viva Las Vegas.”

Actor with the most accessories: Sela Ward. The newest addition to “CSI: New York” wore at least five rings, several bracelets and two necklaces. Bling! Bling! Bling! Bling! Bling!

Actor with the biggest baseball beef: Tom Selleck. According to Selleck, his love of the Detroit Tigers mandates that he hates the Yankees with a passion. The Mets on the other hand, are okay with him. (Psst: Check out this Tom Selleck quiz.)

Well, that’s a wrap for this junket... keep an eye out on for my full-length write-ups from these interviews. Be sure to follow me @CTV_Tyrone for the latest tweets about CTV, and side up for the Insider newsletter for CTV programming news delivered straight to your email inbox. 



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