'Blue Bloods' goes on the hunt for the 'Blue Templar' in season finale

'Blue Bloods' goes on the hunt for the 'Blue Templar' in season finale
by: Tyrone Warner

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A mystery that’s plagued the Reagan family will finally come to light.

In the episode entitled “The Blue Templar,” Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) decides to bypass protocol involving Internal Affairs when a drug bust goes down that indicates dirty cops are involved. Frank hopes that he can use the case to take down and expose the notorious group known as “The Blue Templar,” a secret society inside the New York Police Department.

The season finale airs Friday, May 13 on CTV.

Frank’s son Joe was previously killed in the line of duty while working with the FBI to investigate the corrupt cops. Frank’s other son Jamie, a Harvard grad who has taken up the shield, was also approached by the FBI to aid in their investigation.

According to the investigators, Joe left the FBI a message saying he’d “gotten in” to the “Blue Templar” the day before he was killed.

Going up against the mysterious group won’t be easy; the entire Reagan family will likely be drawn into a circle of violence that could have repercussions that last for the rest of their careers. In the previous episode, “Cellar Boy,” Jamie became convinced that he was being pursued by the “Blue Templar” when his gun went missing.

However it goes down, it appears that the storyline involving the “Blue Templar” will be coming to a close one way or another.

Earlier this year, “Blue Bloods” producer Leonard Goldberg told “Entertainment Weekly” that they “Never planned for it to be something that would carry on throughout multiple seasons.”

For fans of the show, ever since the “Blur Templar” conspiracy theory was introduced on “Blue Bloods,” many have been searching online trying to find out if there ever was a real “Blue Templar” group.

Turns out there is a website for a group called the “Blue Templars,” a society of former police, state troopers, sheriffs, federal agents and veterans, but any similarity they share to the group featured on the series is slim.

Full episodes of “Blue Bloods” are available online at CTV.ca.

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