Star-crossed love and superhero speculation: Katie Cassidy on what’s next for ‘Arrow’s’ Laurel Lance

Star-crossed love and superhero speculation: Katie Cassidy on what’s next for ‘Arrow’s’ Laurel Lance
Stephen Amell (Oliver) and Katie Cassidy (Laurel) in a scene from 'Arrow'
by: Sheri Block

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It’s hard to believe a green hood and some eye paint would prevent Laurel Lance from recognizing Oliver Queen as “Arrow,” but actress Katie Cassidy says it makes perfect sense as the two men couldn’t be more different.

“She sees Oliver completely opposite (from) her view of Arrow. Arrow to her is ‘good’ . . .  although he is going outside of the law, he’s still doing good, and she sees Oliver as this playboy. There’s no possible way it could be the same person,” Cassidy, who plays Laurel, tells in a recent phone interview.

“She obviously can’t see his face very well and he disguises his voice when he’s around her so I think he is the last person she suspects.”

Lance, who previously appeared on “Gossip Girl” and “Supernatural,” adds it has been challenging for her to do those scenes because she can’t rely on any visual cues to connect with her co-star.

“(Arrow) doesn’t look at me so I have no eye contact with him and I can’t really see his face so it’s actually more difficult because I can’t play off the other person,” she explains.

Cassidy isn’t sure whether her character will eventually put two and two together and figure out Oliver’s secret vigilante persona. But she does think Laurel will continue to soften her anger and resentment towards Oliver for having a relationship with her sister Sarah. (Sarah died in the same boating accident that led to Oliver being stranded on a remote island for five years).

In a recent episode, Laurel agreed to defend Oliver when he was accused of murder and later shared a kiss with him in his bedroom.

“It’s been five years (since her sister died) and she’s trying to forgive and move forward and has sort of evolved a friendship with him.

“I think we’ll see more of that and then obviously there are mixed emotions there because I do think these two are star-crossed lovers and I think she does have love for him.”

But while Laurel is trying to figure out her feelings for Oliver, played by Toronto’s own Stephen Amell, his best friend Tommy (Colin Donnell) is doing everything he can to woo her.

Cassidy hints there is more romance ahead for Laurel and Tommy.

“I definitely think you’ll see a different side of Tommy. I think he and Laurel, their relationship definitely evolves and you’ll get more of a history between the two of them and you’ll see Laurel kind of let her guard down and let Tommy in a little bit.”

In the DC Comics universe that “Arrow” is based on, Laurel’s character also becomes Black Canary – a crime fighter with a trademark sonic scream who works alongside the Green Arrow.

No word yet on whether Laurel will have a crime fighting alter-ego in the new adaptation of “Arrow,” but Cassidy is crossing her fingers.

“That would be awesome! I’m dying for that to happen. I love being in the action sequences, especially the relationship between Laurel and Arrow, it’s been really fun,” says Cassidy, who adds the development of her character becoming a superhero would have to be a gradual one.

“It has to be a natural, organic evolution.”

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