Being a superhero takes its toll on Oliver the man, says ‘Arrow’ star

Being a superhero takes its toll on Oliver the man, says ‘Arrow’ star
by: Sheri Block

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As “Arrow,” Oliver Queen has made it his mission to make amends for his family’s sins and bring justice to his city.

But being a “superhero” vigilante doesn’t come without a price. Canadian star Stephen Amell says viewers will soon begin to see the effect this is taking on Oliver the man.

“You just see for a moment that what he is doing is taking an emotional toll on him, it’s making him lonely and we see him open up a little bit,” Amell told during a recent promotional stop in Toronto.

His secret persona as Arrow is also affecting his relationships with his family, namely his sister Thea.

“She’s getting close to just writing him off because - it’s not that she think he’s hiding something from her - she knows,” Amell says.

Oliver, who was presumed dead for five years after being in a shipwreck that killed his father, may indeed be hiding something from his sister, but it’s his mother who is hiding something from him.

In the first episode, it was revealed that Oliver’s mother hired someone to kidnap her son, in order to see what he remembered about his time spent marooned on an island. She also has information about how the yacht Oliver and his father were on was sabotaged – something even Oliver doesn’t know.

But Amell says viewers should keep an open mind about his character’s mother.

“It would be wrong to assume that she’s evil, just yet.”

And while managing his family and fighting the ills of society may require Oliver to show a more serious side, he promises fans will also get to see some more levity to his character as the series goes on.  

“Oliver was very quiet and centered in the pilot. Things start to unravel for him a little bit and that swings him in a good direction and a bad direction, but there’s more colour to the character coming forward.”

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV. Full episodes are also available online at



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