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Arrow Midseason Finale

Take a look at some photos from the nail biting midseason finale of "Arrow"!

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  • On the mark: Stephen Amell on the red carpet

    The 'Arrow' star struts his stuff on the red carpet.

  • Broken Dolls

    A criminal once put away by Lance breaks out of prison and returns to his old ways of torturing and killing women; the district attorney seeks the death penalty for Moira.

  • Identity, Episode 2

    Oliver discovers that thieves are hijacking medicine being sent to Glades Memorial; Roy is arrested after attempting to stop the thieves; Laurel plans to catch the Arrow.

  • City of Heroes, Episode 1

    Felicity and Diggle head to Lian Yu to look for Oliver; Isabel Rochey (Summer Glau) prepares a hostile takeover of Queen Consolidated; Roy tries to fill the Arrow's absence.

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