‘ANTM’s’ Victoria says contrary to popular belief, she’s not ‘obsessed’ with her mother

‘ANTM’s’ Victoria says contrary to popular belief, she’s not ‘obsessed’ with her mother
by: Sheri Block

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Victoria wants to make one thing clear – contrary to how things may have appeared on “America’s Next Top Model,” she is not “obsessed” with her mother.

The 18-year-old from Colquitt, Ga., who was the most recent contestant eliminated from “ANTM: College Edition,” says even though she was vocal about how much she missed her mom throughout the competition, it wasn’t as extreme as the show – and the other girls – made it seem.

“I was really missing her (but) I was pegged as the girl who was sort of ‘obsessed’ with her mom,” the home-schooled model tells CTV.ca over the phone. “I love my mom more than anything, she’s my rock, she’s my best friend, but I feel like again, on reality TV, things can be overdramatized.”

Victoria, who is taking online courses at Liberty University, adds it was hard not being able to talk to her mom very often, especially when she had a tough day or got a bad score on one of her photos.

“Instead I had a house full of girls to turn to that I felt like didn’t understand me at all and accept me … I think that was more difficult to me and if it came across like I was having a breakdown, it was just at times, too much.”

In addition to making comments about her missing her mom, the other contestants brought up concerns about Victoria’s weight – something that was also addressed during panel by host Tyra Banks.

“I did drop a little weight over the course of the show, of course, because I was getting bad scores, I was getting put in the bottom two, I was frankly stressed to the brink … and I didn’t have access to the types of foods that I liked,” explains Victoria.

“(The other girls) saw that as a reason to really try and zone in on me and attack me. I just thought it was all handled in a very, very shameful way.”

Victoria was eliminated on the most recent episode of “ANTM” after the judges felt her pictures were getting weaker.

While Victoria agrees some of her photos weren’t her best, she still felt it wasn’t her time to go.

“It was very frustrating … especially when I felt there were other girls in the competition that definitely deserved to go before me, so I can’t say I fully agreed with that. I was shocked and I was upset as well.”

Victoria was also upset that she had let her mom down because she knew how much the opportunity to become “America’s Next Top Model” meant to her. But when she returned home, she says her mom was nothing but proud.

“(She) was really happy to see me utilizing my talents like that, as was the rest of my family.”

They weren’t the only ones who were in her corner. Victoria says since returning home, she’s received an outpouring of support from her fans for being a “quirky girl” and not changing herself for the show.

“I am proud of being myself, sticking to my true ethics, even though I feel like I didn’t come across on the show exactly the way that I really am. (But) if I was able to inspire just one person … I feel like I accomplished something great.” 

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