Threats aside, Kelly Cutrone loves being new 'ANTM' judge

Threats aside, Kelly Cutrone loves being new 'ANTM' judge
In this undated image released by The CW, fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone, a judge on "America's Next Top Model," is shown. (AP Photo/The CW, Walter Sassard)
by: Sheri Block

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Kelly Cutrone has only been a judge on “America’s Next Top Model” for a few episodes, but the PR maven has already witnessed plenty of drama after being talked back to and threatened by a contestant, who quit the show immediately after.

On the third episode of “ANTM: British Invasion,” titled “Cat Deeley,” Cutrone gave Louise instructions at a photo shoot challenge, which the U.K. contestant didn’t agree with. Later at panel, Cutrone told the other judges Louise was condescending and rude to her on set and the model retorted by saying the new judge had been rude to her.

A heated exchange ensued, which culminated with Louise crying, swearing and walking off set. While outside the studio, she made a comment about how she’d knock Cutrone out if she ever saw her on the street.

Cutrone, who is the founder of PR and marketing firm People’s Revolution, recently spoke to during a telephone interview and says she wasn’t surprised by the model’s volatile behaviour.

“She was like that from the minute she got on the set until the minute she left,” she says.

“The most shocking thing was that some people on the Internet thought that I was abusing Louise and I’m thinking, ‘What planet are we living on? This girl physically threatened me.’ She was incredibly rude and she was rude to all of the judges.”

Cutrone, who has starred in her own reality series “Kell on Earth,” as well as appeared on episodes of “The Hills” and “The City,” adds that critical feedback is just all part of the business and up and coming models need to be aware of that.

“It’s like, ‘You’re the one who signed up to be in a modeling competition, you apparently don’t want to be criticized.’ But guess what? It’s like going to a library and being upset that there are books,” says Cutrone.

“You think that you’re going to go on a shoot . . . and (the photographer) is going to tell you, ‘Hey listen, I don’t like this shot. You need to change up your attitude please, we still have another 10 hours’ and the model is going to run out? Do you know what kind of liability the modeling agency would have? The liability the client would have? . . . how can you work like that?”

Cutrone says educating the models on what the business is really like is something she has tried to do in her new role, which, even with the blowout with Louise,  has been a great experience.

“I loved doing the show. It was fun for me to do. It was an easy job. I spent the last 20 years casting models for ad campaigns, fashion shows, lookbooks, working with them and I’ve known Tyra since she’s been 18 or 19 . . . so it was kind of a no brainer.”

She says she sees plenty of potential in this cycle’s crop of contestants and that having what it takes to be a top model doesn’t just relate to physical appearance.  

“A lot of our success as an agency weighs on the success of the models that we picked and the image that we’re able to create . . . We’ve learned over the years it’s not just a pretty girl who’s going to make a great shot, it’s how does she photograph, how does she carry herself, what’s her attitude like? Can she work 12 hours on a set? Does she take criticism well?”

Add all of this to the pressure of competing against the other girls – and sharing a house with them – and it makes sense as to why there is drama between the contestants on “ANTM.” 

“I think one of the things people would love to know about ‘America’s Next Top Model’ is that at the end of the day it’s a competition between skinny, pretty girls who want to be famous and I think the thing that’s interesting about this season is you’re seeing a little more of the grainy, gritty things that actually happen all the time there,” says Cutrone.

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