Roller-skating while reciting lines proved to be too much for ANTM’s Esther

Roller-skating while reciting lines proved to be too much for ANTM’s Esther
by: Sheri Block

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The judges told her she needed to work on her personality but doing that, while wearing a pair of roller skates for a TV commercial, just proved to be too much for Esther, who was the next girl to be eliminated from “America’s Next Top Model.” The 18-year-old student from Boston, Mass., spoke to about why that commercial was so difficult and what it was really like to pose as a man in the previous week’s photo shoot. Why do you think the judges chose to send you home this week?

Esther: You really can’t send Ann home at this stage of the competition. She just won five best pictures in a row … we knew that, she knew that, I think we all knew that. If you’re in the bottom 2 with Ann, you’re going home. Why do you think you struggled so much with the energy drink commercial on roller skates?

Esther: I think we were all focusing on different things. What I was focusing on was really knowing my lines and making sure I knew what I was doing when I skated in front of Nigel … and making sure I didn’t die on the roller skates because basically that was the first time I had ever gone on four-wheeled skates like that. I know how to do in-line skating but that’s different. The judges thought your commercial was a mess. Do you agree with that?

Esther: I thought it was boring. I thought it wasn’t exciting … but I could see it (being) on TV because I wasn’t visibly uncomfortable or giggling or laughing. It was a usable commercial. It was like Chris or Jane’s commercial, minus the excitement or being able to roller skate backwards. The judges said the previous week they wanted to see more of your personality. Do you feel you did work on it?

Esther: I think so. I think it was more than just showing my personality, it was more like opening up and I really did try. I opened up much more than usual. I really worked on being more open, more excited, saying more what I think. I do feel like I had (done that), I just think it was an unfortunate week. What was it like meeting Zac Posen and walking in his show?

Esther: That was really, really exciting. Like ridonkulously exciting. The previous week’s photo shoot wasn’t as exciting for you – posing as male designer Christophe Decarnin. Was it really difficult to pose as a man?

Esther: It’s surprisingly hard. Because I’m not a man, I (don’t really know) how men hold themselves, masculine gestures, things like that … so it was a hard thing for me to pull that off . Also to make it more realistic, I thought they should bind my chest … I thought if I had them bind my chest I’ll look much more masculine and so they did that but to make it look (realistic), it had to be done so tightly that I ended up constantly being aware that my chest was bound and not really being able to forget that for a single second. That made it hard for me to let loose and think, ‘I’m a man.’ I was constantly like, ‘My boobs hurt.’ Tyra Banks said when you were eliminated you should go home and practice more. Have you been doing that?

Esther: I think the biggest thing I’ve really been working on, which is so hard, is having good posture … it’s something I didn’t really notice before and all of a sudden everyone was telling me, ‘Fix your posture. Stand up straight. Open up your body, your shoulders, your arms.’ So I keep on trying to do it … but it’s really hard.

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