Laura believed she could be 'America's Next Top Model' but the judges disagreed

Laura believed she could be 'America's Next Top Model' but the judges disagreed
by: Sheri Block

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Despite being voted most likely to win “America’s Next Top Model” by her fellow contestants, 22-year-old Laura Kirkpatrick was voted off right before the “All-Star” finale.

The 5’6” model, who was runner-up on Cycle 13, finished fourth behind Allison Harvard, Angelea Preston and Lisa D’Amato, who will compete for the title this Thursday, Dec. 8 at 9 ET/PT on CTV Two.

“It was very hard (to be eliminated), especially because at that point I had convinced myself I could really be ‘America’s Next Top Model,’” Laura tells over the phone. 

“To go home so close (to the end), it’s hurtful but at the same time you’re honoured just to make it that far, especially as a petite girl.”

Even though all of the “ANTM” judges agreed Laura had a contagious personality and everyone wanted to be around her, they were worried if she could push through her “cuteness” and do high fashion.

The comments were confusing to Laura, who felt like she had proved she could do a lot more than be sweet and innocent.

“I felt like this time around that I proved to them that I was an even better model than last cycle and I was very versatile and that I was really strong but life is crazy sometimes and I went home because the (other) girls are very fierce.”

Since her first appearance on “ANTM,” Laura moved to New York City for six months and is now living in L.A., where she is modeling, creating her own T-shirt line and working on The Beautiful Minds, a dyslexic foundation she started.

“The first time I was on ‘Top Model’ I was really young and I came off the show and I was really excited but at the same time I really didn’t know a lot about the industry . . . this time I came on knowing this is a huge opportunity that I can really take advantage of and push myself and promote myself way more than I did the last time.”

Laura says she definitely enjoyed her return to “ANTM” and while she tried to make every experience a great one, the moments that really stuck out for her were the photo shoot with the stilts and the episode where she was voted most likely to win and received best photo.

She also enjoyed recording a song called “Southern Sweet Girl” and shooting an accompanying music video.

“I never saw myself as the musical type but I loved it, it was so much fun. It was so creative. It was different than doing a photo shoot every single week.”

Shooting a motion editorial based on Tyra Bank’s best-selling book “Modelland” was also a highlight.  

“We were in Crete and it was just so beautiful and we just had so much fun . . .  There were sometimes when I was filming and I was like, ‘I don’t really know how this is going to turn out’ but then it all made sense. You could definitely tell Tyra had something in her head she was trying to accomplish.”


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