Hannah not angry with 'ANTM' judges for sending her home before final

Hannah not angry with 'ANTM' judges for sending her home before final
by: Sheri Block

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After having what she thought was a really strong photo shoot in Marrakech, Morocco, Hannah Jones was sent home from “America’s Next Top Model” just before the final two. The 20-year-old from Houston, Texas, was eliminated after judge Tyra Banks felt she needed more inner strength. Hannah spoke to CTV.ca about being eliminated, being in Morocco and her future plans. Excerpts are below.

CTV.ca: It’s tough to be eliminated right before the Final 2. How are you feeling?

Hannah: I am feeling actually really great. At the time it really sucked that I got eliminated and didn’t get to compete in the finale. I felt like my picture on my last week was definitely noteworthy and deserving of continuing on in the hopes of becoming “America’s Next Top Model.”

That being said, I’m glad the judges had to scrutinize on the itty bitty details to have to find a reason to get rid of me. I definitely made it harder for them and there are a lot of people who are angry with them right now and I’m not one of them. I’m really thankful for the opportunity they gave me.

CTV.ca: That’s a really great attitude to have. Even some of the judges commented on the great energy you have. Was that a real compliment to you?

Hannah: Oh definitely. The biggest compliment I ever got was from Ivan (Bart) from IMG Models, which is super awesome … I really hope that IMG calls me, which would be kind of like winning “America’s Next Top Model.” Getting that would be so cool. Ivan saying I have a star quality about me, even if I don’t get (signed with) IMG, that’s something I’m going to carry to my grave.

CTV.ca: Tyra said you needed to work on your inner strength and you seemed a bit confused by that. Do you better understand what she meant now?

Hannah: Yeah, I totally understand. I think I was (meshing) my passion and my ability to be vulnerable and confused … I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I was trying to say that that is my strength because if I need to be sad or super crazy or angry, or in lust or love or passionate, I can do all of those things. I’m not going to feel uncomfortable or anything like that because all of those emotions are available to me. I was trying to explain that to them but I think they were a little confused. I wasn’t too clear.

CTV.ca: You said on the show you wanted to get out of Houston. What are your plans for the future?

Hannah: I’m staying open to any kind of possibility or opportunity. I love New York. I think the city is great and there is a lot of modeling work there, especially editorial, high fashion, runway stuff. L.A. is a little more on the commercial side. They still have a lot of modeling work, high fashion stuff, but they do have much more commercial stuff and also a lot of film work. If I went (there) I would definitely capitalize on that because I’m at least a double threat. I have the modeling experience and I like to model but I can also act …

I would also really like to go to Asia because I feel like that’s where I would be considered most high fashion and I feel like clients there would really like to book me on my look.

CTV.ca: What was the whole experience of being in Morocco like?

Hannah: I had never been in that kind of environment before, in that part of the world. I’d never been to Africa. It was such an amazing opportunity, such a gift. When we landed and got into Marrakesh it smelled like roses. There were rose bushes lining the street and there were camels and palm trees and you could smell shisha from people smoking hookah. There were all these visceral things that were just so intriguing and beautiful and inspiring …

The food was really interesting, too, and the shopping, Oh my God. There is so much to do and see. We all came back with a new piece of luggage filled with stuff from Morocco. They had tapestries, they had spices, they had dried iguanas and chameleons, it was so weird but cool at the same time.

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