Garbage dumps, go-sees and getting lost: Jaclyn reflects on 'ANTM'

Garbage dumps, go-sees and getting lost: Jaclyn reflects on 'ANTM'
by: Sheri Block

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Despite receiving best picture the previous week, Jaclyn was the next to be sent home on “America’s Next Top Model.” The 20-year-old college student and waitress from Belton, Texas, only attended two of the required four go-sees in Los Angeles due to not knowing how to read a map, which Tyra Banks felt was unacceptable. Jaclyn spoke to about her shocking elimination, having a photo shoot in a garbage dump and her famous Southern accent. Excerpts are below. I was shocked you were sent home this week – how did you feel?

Jaclyn: I was so confident going into the go-sees and everything because I had just won best photo and I had been improving so much every week and I was so proud of myself. But after the go-sees, and you know how that went … I had a feeling it might be my time. But I still held my head up high and still had confidence going into my photo shoot. To go from best picture the week before to an excuse of ‘you can’t read a map, we’re sending you home’ – did you find that a bit odd?

Jaclyn: It was a little confusing just because I think of ‘Top Model’ as, they’re trying to transform a girl from not really knowing anything to going to the top and I felt I had progressed so much. It was sad that I was the one who was eliminated but all the remaining girls are all so strong. Did you think Tyra’s reason for sending you home was a bit weak?

Jaclyn: She told us that whoever goes to Morocco and whoever goes home (the decision) is going to weigh heavily on our go-sees and I failed to go to more than two of my go-sees. I didn’t live up to their expectations so I can understand why I was eliminated. What was the whole experience of the go-sees like? Can you see yourself getting out there as a model and doing those kinds of things?

Jaclyn: Yeah, the go-sees were so much fun. I don’t know if it’s really like that, where you get into a Smart car and you have a very attractive, young male model as your driver, but it was so fun, zipping through Los Angeles, me not knowing where the heck to go and trying to find my way … that’s a once in a lifetime experience. Was it encouraging having both of the places you visited say they would book you?

Jaclyn: Yeah, it was very exciting. I was so excited that they liked me and would’ve booked me. That gives me even more confidence to get ready and prepare myself to go see more clients and hopefully get booked. What was the photo shoot in the garbage dump like?

Jaclyn: It was so smelly. So gross. I can’t even describe to you how nasty it was but it was a very cool set-up … and it turned out amazing. I think all the pictures are very unique and high fashion. Mine wasn’t the best of the bunch so that’s another reason why I was sent packing but I think my picture is good enough to put in my portfolio. People were always commenting on your voice and that’s something obviously you can’t help. Did that bother you?

Jaclyn: People have always either liked my voice or they’ve made fun of me in a joking manner and I am who the Lord created me to be and I don’t intend on trying to change myself for anyone. I guess people in this industry are either going to love you or hate you and it’s the people that love you who are really going to count and believe in you. What was it like to deal with all the drama with Alexandria and Brittani? Did you try and stay out of it?

Jaclyn: I am not really one to get into drama. I’m like the peace maker – I just want everyone to be happy and be friends. I don’t like to watch people fight … it was kind of hard to watch sometimes but from here on out, the girls, we are all great friends now. What are you planning to do next?

Jaclyn: I’m actually taking online classes and working as a waitress but in a few weeks I plan to go to New York City and Los Angeles and to take my portfolio from ‘Top Model’ and hit every agency until someone thinks I could represent them well and would like to sign me. I’m just going to keep going until I get that opportunity. I’m not going to give up.


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