First 'ANTM' eliminee Brittany wants to prove Tyra Banks wrong

First 'ANTM' eliminee Brittany wants to prove Tyra Banks wrong
by: Sheri Block

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Brittany Brower was the first All-Star to be kicked off “America’s Next Top Model” on last week’s Cycle 17 premiere because Tyra Banks didn’t think she had enough fans to stay in the competition.

The 29-year-old, who made her mark as a “party girl” on Cycle 4, was one of 14 former contestants who returned to “ANTM” for the chance to be the ultimate winner. But after polling hundreds of fans gathered at a live judging panel at Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles, Banks determined that Brower wasn’t as popular as the other girls.

Brower doesn’t buy it for a second. 

“I call bulls*it on that all day long,” Brower tells over the phone. “I don’t know who these imaginary people they talked to in the crowd were but that is absolutely not the case…I was on the stage hearing the fans screaming my name, they’re right there at my feet yelling, ‘Brittany!’ and then (upon) leaving the stage, I had so many people coming up wanting to take photos of me and telling me I was their favourite.”

Watch the season premiere of 'ANTM' here

Whatever the reason for her elimination, Brower says it has made her even more determined to make it in the modeling industry – and to prove Banks wrong.           

“Now more than ever I feel like I want to show her. It’s like when someone tells you, you can’t do something…you want to do it even more. That’s exactly how I feel. ‘Don’t take me off the show. Don’t top this b*tch off first. I’ll show you.’”    

Brower says she has a lot of other plans in the works: doing some hosting, participating in a web series and running her own business, which includes giving workshops and advice to up-and-coming models.

Even so, she says she thought returning to “ANTM” would be a good opportunity to open even more doors in the industry.

“You never know what can happen. I know by not doing it and not having a chance to get back out there in the entertainment world on TV isn’t going to open any doors so sometimes you’ve just got to put yourself out there and hope for the best.”

She was also excited for the chance to see how everyone in the competition would get along.

“It was definitely interesting to see how the girls would act with other all-stars,” Brower says. “They’re not just trying to be top dog of their original season, they’re up against everyone (who also has) big personalities so it was interesting to see how that would play out in the house.”

The next episode of ‘ANTM’ airs October 11 on CTV Two.



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