Fear of horses may have cost Nastasia the title of ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Fear of horses may have cost Nastasia the title of ‘America’s Next Top Model’
by: Sheri Block

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Nastasia was eliminated from “America’s Next Top Model” after less than a point separated her from fellow contestant Laura, but the curly-haired model says there’s nothing she could’ve done differently.

“I did my best but even if you have one off day you can still go home and (that’s what happened),” Nastasia tells CTV.ca over the phone.

The 19-year-old from East Stroudsburg, PA, says she didn’t even realize how close it actually was (.3 of a point) until she watched the episode back on TV.

“I was just waiting for the name to light up so I didn’t know what the points were, what the difference was, I just wanted to hear my name.”

Even though Nastasia actually had a higher combined score from the judges than Laura, her challenge score, as well as her social media score, were both lower.

Tyra Banks explained to her that if she had done better on her challenge (shooting a promotional ad for Jamaica while riding a horse) perhaps she would still be in the competition. Since every little bit counts, Tyra added that Nastasia needed to be “almost perfect” in every aspect of her performance.

Nastasia says she completely agrees with Tyra and explains she had difficulty during the challenge because she is afraid of horses.

“As soon as I got on the horse I let my fear take over and I usually don’t do that. It was so weird but I just blanked out. My memorization skills weren’t really up to par that day.”

Even though it was tough to be eliminated right before the final three, Nastasia says she was more upset because it meant she wasn’t going to win.  

But with the exception of staying more focused, Nastasia doesn’t see how she could’ve done anything differently.

“I really did do my best,” she says.

Nastasia is also proud of herself for staying out of any of the drama that was taking place between the other girls.

“The best thing about this, and even though I was eliminated, is people really are remembering me from my personality, not the drama,” she says.

She has nothing but great things to say about all the other girls – something not all of the hopefuls have been able to say.

“I just saw them for who they are. I know it was a competition and everybody wants to be so serious all the time but I just love the girls. I thought they were really great.”

Nastasia is now focused on her education degree at East Stroudsburg University, but is also hoping to sign with a modeling agency very soon.

“I’m going to try and balance school and modeling as best I can.”

Will Leila, Laura or Kiara be crowned “America’s Next Top Model?” Watch the Cycle 19 Season Finale Saturday at CTV.ca or Sunday at 7 pm ET/PT on CTV Two.


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