Dominique says she didn't learn much on 'ANTM' and is glad she was sent home

Dominique says she didn't learn much on 'ANTM' and is glad she was sent home
by: Sheri Block

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After being told she lacked confidence and wasn’t the “brightest spark” in her photo shoot, Dominique was sent home from “America’s Next Top Model” but the 23-year-old from Houston, Texas, says she is glad her time on the reality TV show ended when it did. I’m sorry to hear about your elimination.

Dominique: I’m perfectly fine with it. Were you surprised you were sent home this week?

Dominique: Actually, I wasn’t. When you see that photo up there you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m going home. That was hideous.’ Did you really think your photo was hideous?

Dominique: I personally do feel it was. Just like (one of the judges said) the photo would be better if they cropped me out. Honestly I would crop myself right on out of the picture as well. Can you tell me about the experience at the photo shoot? It looked like you were struggling.

Dominique: In general I don’t have any experience compared to the other girls and the two that were with me in the photo, they’ve had years of experience. That being said, along with the fact (that I now know) models are really nothing but actors. When they go behind a camera lens, they’re acting. They’re trying to portray something within a photo and with me being such a realistic person … I never knew how to be something that I wasn’t.

If you wanted me to show a sad photo, I wouldn’t have known how to do that because I just don’t know how. It’s the same with being happy or trying to create a story. With that being said, it was like I (was not) thinking anything.  I was just thinking normal thoughts. I guess that’s how they came across that they thought I had no inspiration and stuff like that, even though I have a lot of inspiration. I wouldn’t have made it on the show if I didn’t have any inspiration or reason to be there. Everyone was quite hard on you about your comment that you didn’t have any thoughts during the shoot and Nigel Barker said you weren’t the “brightest spark.” Did you find that uncalled for?

Dominique: Yeah, everything’s uncalled for but you’ve also got to think it’s reality TV and they’re going to tell you what they want you to hear. Were you not feeling confident during the shoot? You were crying – was it really upsetting for you?

Dominique: I actually was crying beforehand because of production. I was upset with (them) for some time now, just understanding the whole reality TV stuff and I was like, ‘You know what? This is not what I was planning on doing.’ To be quite frank with you, before being on the show you look at the situation as oh, it’s just a modeling competition but you totally forget it’s a reality TV show and all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes … so I was crying on set but it wasn’t for the sake of the photo shoot because I could honestly care less about what Jay had to say to me. You didn’t seem to be very happy during your makeover. Did you like it once it was completed?

Dominique: I wasn’t crying over the makeover … They coloured my eyebrows red and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh I’m going to look like Bozo the Clown’ … so at the end of the day I wasn’t like mad, I was excited to get my makeover. Was any of Tyra’s advice about practicing in the mirror before going out to agencies helpful?

Dominique: I took that all into consideration and I’ve been working. You should see me, I look stupid, but I sit in front of the mirror, I may just be brushing my teeth and all of a sudden I’m trying to pose with a toothbrush in my mouth. Do you feel the show gave you any relevant experience to take with you in your modeling career?

Dominique: I am happy that I was on the show for just the fact that I was able to meet the young ladies. Honestly, with the actual show itself, the actual competition I don’t feel that I learned too much. The only thing I actually learned was about me and my personality. I didn’t think it was fair – I didn’t have any experience and I was compared to girls with years of experience … but life isn’t fair and when I step inside a real modeling agency, there’s going to be a million girls with years and years of experience and I just have to overcome that.

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