Despite elimination, 'ANTM' contestant denies complaining

Despite elimination, 'ANTM' contestant denies complaining
by: Tyrone Warner

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During an underwater photo shoot, Sundai claimed that she couldn’t breathe because of her asthma and in turn, produced a lousy photo.

Even after being told that many deep sea divers are asthmatics, Sundai wasn’t able to salvage the shoot, and when facing the judges, was told she was the next model out of the competition.

On this cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” Tyra Banks is featuring only short model-wannabes. chatted with the pint-size Sundai about what went down.

How did it feel when you found out you were eliminated?

It felt very terrible. It was more of a shock, and that’s why it hurt so much. I didn’t think I was going home that week. I took it very, very hard. I didn’t believe it for a while.

Was there anything you wish you did differently now?

I definitely wish I didn’t say anything, because it came off as if I was complaining. I don’t want Tyra to think that. I don’t really complain. I wasn’t complaining; it was just an issue. I couldn’t breathe with the regulator under water. At all. My air was really messed up. I guess I was just worried about my health, but I should have known that they’re not going to let anything bad happen to me, so I shouldn’t have said anything, at all.

Did you have much industry experience before doing the show?

I was trying out for an agency, but they were pretty sleazy, and I didn’t do too much stuff. I did hair shows and runway shows like that.

So a lot different than the show.

Yeah, I never went through all that hair and makeup.

And your favourite moment?

I think we had a lot of fun when we danced with the Jabbawockeez. Everyone got along so well.

Besides the modeling aspect, what was the most difficult part of this show?

Definitely getting eliminated! It was the work we had to put in. That was something I wasn’t used to. I’m used to like, sleeping all day. But we’d be up like every hour every day, and there was never a dull moment. I would get so tired, and just fall asleep places.

Did that scare you away from potentially pursuing a career in this industry?

It made me more aware of what I have to put in. I got used to it after a while.

When the show was on the air, did you have viewing parties at your house?

We had one, for the first episode, but actually I’m in college and I have a class exactly when the show comes on. I never get to watch it when it’s on.


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