Dalya says she could've been a lot more fierce on 'ANTM'

Dalya says she could've been a lot more fierce on 'ANTM'
by: Sheri Block

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After Tyra Banks told Dalya she was letting her bone structure control her, the 21-year-old unemployed contestant from Corona, Calif., was the next to be eliminated from “America’s Next Top Model.” She spoke to CTV.ca about what she learned, what she plans on doing in the future and what she thought of the girls who read Alexandria’s diary. Excerpts are below.

CTV.ca: How did you feel when you got eliminated?

Dalya: Going into panel, I was feeling fine  until I got critiqued. I was kind of 50-50 on whether they were going to find a picture that was going to work but I actually loved my picture. I think I could’ve shown more range maybe or moved my legs a little but I was moving in that shoot, I wasn’t just standing still.

CTV.ca: Tyra used some interesting reasons to send you home – she said your bone structure was controlling you. Do you agree with that?

Dalya: I respect everything she has said, along with the other judges. Do I agree with that? That is up in the air. My bone structure? Yes, I do tend to let it carry me … but I know how to handle it now because that night when I was eliminated I went home and was in the mirror (and said), ‘You know what Tyra? You said it carries me? I’m going to carry it.’

CTV.ca: Tyra also said you were standing in your own way. Do you agree you were holding back a little bit?

Dalya: Yes, I could’ve been a lot more fierce in that photo shoot … I was holding back.

CTV.ca: What was it like to do a photo shoot with a  wild cat?

Dalya: Oh my goodness. Everyone should work with a baby jaguar. He was so cute. But he was so restless at the end of the day, so crazy. I wasn’t scared at all (though).

CTV.ca: What’s going to happen now? Do you still want to pursue modeling?

Dalya: Come on, now! I was modeling before ‘Top Model’ and I’m going to do it after. I love it so much. I have to be on the runway.

My plan is to attack all the agencies I’m interested in that I feel could take me on and I could take them on. There’s a few of them out here in Los Angeles that I’m really interested in so I’m going to check them out and let them know I’m here … New York is another goal of mine … and going abroad would be amazing.

CTV.ca: Do you think that being on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ will give you a leg up in the industry?

Dalya: It’s definitely opened doors for all of us who made it on Cycle 16 … it allows you to show off your talent.

CTV.ca: Tell me about reading Alexandria’s diary. Did you and the other girls regret that?

Dalya:  I wasn’t involved in the reading of her diary. I did not agree with it. I was sitting in the room with the rest of the girls, we were on the couch and Monique had mentioned reading it and some of the girls said, ‘We shouldn’t.’ Me and a couple of the girls left the room. That’s wrong to go through someone’s personal belongings and then it makes you wonder if they’re going to go through your stuff.

CTV.ca: Did she find out?

Dalya: No, nothing happened. I think they captured everything (on the show).

CTV.ca: What was it like living with the other girls in the house?

Dalya: I’ve always been with my family so that was tough. (But) I’m going to have to get used to that because if I’m leaving (to pursue modeling) I’m going to have to be living with other people … that helped me experience what it’s going to be like in the future.



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