Camille says 'ANTM' only showed one side of her

Camille says 'ANTM' only showed one side of her
by: Sheri Block

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Camille McDonald was eliminated from “America’s Next Top Model” because Tyra Banks thought she “became the background” in her latest photo and made too many excuses.

But that rationale doesn’t sit so well with the 33-year-old from Bronx, N.Y., who says the reality TV series only showed one side of her.

“I have an extremely vibrant personality and I interacted amazingly with the girls… Camille McDonald never fades to black,” says the eliminated contestant over the phone.

“I was shocked that I wasn’t featured as much as I could have been. Things are done to make great TV so there’s definitely no excuse there because I definitely did bring who I am, which is a very spicy, vibrant young lady.”

McDonald first brought her vibrancy to Top Model during Cycle 2 more than seven years ago and since then has been furthering her education and working as a professional model around the world.

But even with her success, McDonald says she wanted to return to Cycle 17, an All-Stars edition of “ANTM,” for the opportunity to “brand” herself.

“It wasn’t necessarily about being ‘America’s Next Top Model’ over again, it was taking your brand, which all of us have something that’s uniquely different about us, and putting that brand out there to be able to capitalize on it.”

She says being a part of All-Stars wasn’t that different from her first time on the show and admits she didn’t know the girls from the other cycles because she had been out of the country modeling and didn’t get a chance to watch “ANTM.”

“It’s funny because everyone coming in the house kind of knew who Camille was from Cycle 2, from watching the show, vs. me going into the house and having no pre-conceived ideas about anyone and meeting them all for the first time,” she says.

As well as an all-star list of prizes, including a spread in Italian Vogue, a blog on, a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, a national campaign with Express and a guest correspondent spot on “Extra,” this cycle of “ANTM” has also included a number of celebrity guests and an acting challenge on ‘CSI.’ 

“I felt that I didn’t do that bad on my acting challenge. I thought I did pretty well,” says McDonald who lost the challenge to Bre Scullark, who will appear as a guest star on a future episode of the hit series.

“It was amazing being on the set of ‘CSI.’ If you didn’t know that you were on a television set you would’ve thought you were inside an operating room.”

As well as modeling, McDonald also has a few other projects in the works, including a new website, a shoe line to correspond with her “signature walk,” and a cookbook.

“As a professional model over the past 10 years I’ve travelled the world from Japan to India to the Caribbean to Africa working and I have collected a series of recipes that I think are absolutely amazing that I would love to share with my fans. For lack of better words you can eat like a queen and look like a model.”

The recipes include new takes on curries from India, jerk from Jamaica and wasabi from the Far East in a low calorie and organic way, as well as health and wellness tips. McDonald adds that this healthy lifestyle was also something she passed along to her fellow All-Stars.

“I cooked for the entire house, everyone loved my cooking. Every morning I woke up, I exercised; I even did a little model boot camp where I had the girls exercising with me.”

Even though she’s been eliminated, McDonald hopes her fellow ‘ANTM’ contestants will see her as a role model.

“I just hope the other girls can look at me as a veteran and say, ‘Let’s use Camille as an example, someone who is still out there and still working and doing great things’… I hope to be an icon in the business at one point.”

The next episode of “America’s Next Top Model” airs Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9 ET/PT on CTV Two. Full episodes are also available online at



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