Bianca stands by her decision to not be 'just a reality star' on 'ANTM'

Bianca stands by her decision to not be 'just a reality star' on 'ANTM'
by: Sheri Block

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Bianca Golden didn’t think the challenges on “America’s Next Top Model” had anything to do with the ‘real’ world of modeling and her refusal to partake in one cost her the competition.

The 22-year-old from Queens, N.Y., wasn’t happy that she and the other “All-Stars” had to don a bathing suit and climb into a bathtub in front of their fans as a way to promote their new fragrance, which was created for them earlier in the episode.

Later at the judging panel, Tyra Banks and Nigel Barker were not impressed with her actions and eliminated her because they felt she was not “coachable.” Twenty-year-old Kayla Ferrel from Rockford, Ill., was also eliminated in the episode.

Even though she was sent home, Bianca tells that she stands by her decision to not be “just a reality star.”  

“It wasn’t just the bathtub, you come off a reality show and it’s hard enough for people to take you serious as a model,” she says.

“I felt like the perfume challenge was some thing that people could’ve really taken us seriously on but when they added the bathtub element to it, it was just like the circus all over again.”

Bianca adds she doesn’t think it was fair that fellow “ANTM” All-Star Shannon also refused to get in the bathtub but the judges didn’t have a problem with that.

“I felt like it was a little hypocritical because they’ve kept Shannon around for so long even when she’s (refused) to do challenges, even the same challenge I was eliminated for she denied doing as well.”

Bianca also questions the judges’ decision to eliminate her, because they had very few negative comments about her photo that week.

“It’s really exhausting to even talk about because it’s just a joke.”

But even though Bianca doesn’t put much merit into what the judges said and doesn’t think the challenges on the show are rooted in reality, she says she still had her reasons for coming back to “ANTM.”

“The exposure is great and it’s always great to keep people posted on what you’ve been doing,” she says.

Since first appearing on Cycle 9 of “ANTM,” Bianca says she signed to two different agencies and has been travelling around the world as a model.

“In the modeling world, you can work every day and people will think you’re not working because they might not see you or they don’t recognize you… so it’s always great just to let people know, ‘Yes I’m still working.’”

The next episode of “America’s Next Top Model” airs Thursday, Nov. 3 at 9 ET/PT on CTV Two. Full episodes are also available online at



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