Allison not upset about being runner-up for a second time on 'ANTM'

Allison not upset about being runner-up for a second time on 'ANTM'
by: Sheri Block

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Despite being a strong competitor throughout Cycle 17, Allison Harvard had to once again settle for second place when Lisa D’Amato was crowned the first “America’s Next Top Model All-Star.”

But 23-year-old Harvard, who was also a runner-up on Cycle 12, says she’s not too upset about it.

“I don’t feel like I’ve got too much to be sad about being runner-up, so life’s not so bad,” Allison tells over the phone.

The soft-spoken model with the trademark big eyes says she had no idea who was going to take the title considering she and Lisa had such different looks and personality styles. 

“It’s not like we’re two very similar girls. If they picked Lisa then that must be what they want. I guess that’s the one comfort in it I suppose.”

Watch the ANTM finale here

But before a winner was picked on last week’s finale, there was a shocking twist concerning the other contestant in the final three, Angelea Preston.

Judge Nigel Barker informed viewers the production team and network learned information from Angelea that disqualified her from the competition, and the judges felt it was only fair to evaluate Allison and Lisa on their own.

The final judging then took place on the “Top Model” set in L.A., rather than in Greece, where the final runway challenge had occurred.

Rumours on the Internet have been swirling as to what really happened, one being that Angelea may have allegedly leaked the final results, forcing the producers to re-shoot the ending.

“I just think that whatever happened with Angelea, it was just something personal with her and I think that’s kind of all I can say,” Allison says.

Since first appearing on “ANTM” Cycle 12, Allison went back to school and moved to New York City. Even though she has been getting a lot of modeling work there, she says she was interested in returning to “ANTM” for the possibility of branding.

“I was looking forward to experiencing the sort of weird adventure all over again and I was at a time in my life when I was able to get thrown back into it so I was going to take advantage of it and have as much fun with it as I could.”

Even though she didn’t win, Allison says there were many positive things about returning, including getting more exposure and getting the chance to spend time in Greece.

“Greece was by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. It’s so majestic.”

And even though it looked like she struggled with the photo shoots that took place in the bright Greece sunshine because of her sensitive eyes, Allison says it was made to be a bigger deal than it was.

“I honestly believe that the thing with my eyes was completely sensationalized and blown out of proportion. I have really sensitive eyes, I’m not shy about that but at the same time it’s never hindered my ability to do some things.”

Another highlight of “ANTM” was making her music video and getting such unexpected praise from rapper and guest judge Game, who called her the “most weirdly beautiful person” he’s ever seen.

“He was really, really sweet and really endearing and he was actually really helpful so it was really funny watching the show because half of the things he said I wasn’t even around for so it was just a really funny episode for me, I had no idea all the really nice stuff he was saying.”

It wasn’t just Game who had nice things to say about Allison. With the biggest fan base in “Top Model” history, Allison says she is very flattered by all the support.

“I’m overwhelmed by how many e-mails I’ve been getting and the response has been so sweet. I wish I could say thank you to each person that writes me and I’ve been working on doing that right now.”

Even though many of her fans are not happy about the final outcome, Allison wants to reassure them she is OK.

“It’s not the end of the world. I’m still alive,” she says with a laugh. “But the outpour of response from people feeling for me was very sweet and the support was really great.” 


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