'ANTM's' Sara spills the beans on the coffee ad and that signature rat tail

'ANTM's' Sara spills the beans on the coffee ad and that signature rat tail
by: Sheri Block

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After turning in a poor performance for a mock TV commercial because she disagreed with the ad’s concept, Sara was the next contestant to be sent home from “America’s Next Top Model.” The 18-year-old college student from Edinburg, Texas, spoke to CTV.ca about why she had such an issue with the coffee ad, her future modeling plans and that signature rat tail. Excerpts are below.

CTV.ca: Were you upset you were eliminated?

Sara: I was disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to perform well enough to convince the judges that I was worth keeping in the competition but I wasn’t too upset. Tyra Banks is a very experienced, knowledgeable woman about the fashion industry. She didn’t think I was ready to stay and I was accepting her answer.

CTV.ca: The coffee commercial was a really tough one for you to shoot. Can you tell me why you had so much trouble with the concept?

Sara: There were things going on behind the scenes that they didn’t show in the episode that I can’t really talk about … but it made me very uncomfortable and I know a couple of the other girls weren’t too comfortable about that either.

CTV.ca: Can you speak about some of the stuff they did show? You said you didn’t like how women were being portrayed in that particular concept?

Sara: Where I’m from, we’re very Hispanic and very conservative, and women who speak boldly and tell their ideas straight to the men’s face - speak sexually out in public - it’s not welcomed. I’ve been trying to escape that kind of image my whole life  … and then (in the commercial it was) like, ‘Come portray this sexy, docile woman who speaks in a baby’s voice and can’t talk intelligently.’ It hit a little close to home and it made me uncomfortable.

CTV.ca: But by the end of the episode, it looked like you thought you should’ve put that aside and been on board with the commercial because that’s the job. Is that what you realized?

Sara: Yes, new models can’t pick and choose what they want to do. They need to be accepting all jobs and gaining experiencing and leaving a good track record. A model who refuses to do something - not that I was refusing - but who can’t get past a concept to dive more deeply into the character, that’s a model who’s not doing her job and won’t get hired for new jobs.

CTV.ca: You said you were worried what your ‘femcore’ friends were going to think back home. What did your friends think of you going on the show in the first place?

Sara: None of my femcore friends watch the show so I didn’t really have a problem … when they found out they said, ‘Wow, I never really pegged you for someone to do that. Do you like modeling?’ I told them I loved modeling and they said, ‘Go for it, girl.’

CTV.ca: What did you think of your makeover?

Sara: I actually really liked my makeover … but I’ve had this hairstyle for about four years and I was finally growing it out because I’d buzzed my head earlier in the spring. (I thought) Tyra Banks was going to give me a weave because she would know I need something to soften my masculine face but they said, ‘No, we’re taking it further, girl, you’re going to be a man.’

CTV.ca: Do you think the androgynous look works for you?

Sara: I think naturally I have an androgynous look on my own and that’s very popular in the fashion industry right now and I could definitely work it but I felt like I didn’t have enough experience to work that kind of look … I was very worried it would lessen my chances of winning.

CTV.ca: The judges didn’t think much of the tail you had, did they?

Sara: No, and I loved that rat tail. I gave it to my boyfriend when I got home.

CTV.ca: Are you glad you went on the show? Do you feel it was beneficial for you?

Sara: I’m so happy I did the show, so happy I had the courage to go off and do it. I’d never been on a plane before. I was still living at my mom’s house when I left for the show. I feel like I came back a more mature person.

CTV.ca: What are you pursuing now?

Sara: We’re not allowed to take jobs or sign with an agency while the show is airing but I’m finishing my last semester of school and plan to move to L.A. in June and pursue modeling. I might take a class or two just to keep my edge but I’m only going to be pretty and young for so long; I’ll always have a smart brain.



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