ANTM's Kendal says she would've rather posed as a man

ANTM's Kendal says she would've rather posed as a man
by: Sheri Block

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It’s not often you hear an “America’s Next Top Model” hopeful say she’d prefer to pose as a man in a photo shoot, but that’s exactly what Kendal Brown thinks could’ve saved her from elimination.

The 23-year-old from Northport, Ala., was the most recent contestant to get the boot on Cycle 15 after the judges weren’t impressed with her portrayal of Vera Wang in a photo shoot that required the girls to embody a famous fashion designer.

“With the males you can put your hands in your pocket or hump your back or do something that will make a photo come to life but I had Vera Wang who is very simple and I was struggling for the first part of the photo shoot because (I had to just) stand there,” Kendal tells, over the phone.

Also in the Bottom 2 was Esther, who portrayed the male designer Christophe Decarnin. The judges didn’t think she connected with the character in her photo and only had one look.

“Both our photos were horrible,” says Kendal. “(But) I didn’t think I was actually going to go home. I thought I was going to get another chance because (the week before) I was progressing in the competition.”

Host Tyra Banks told Kendal after her elimination she needed more experience and that she should practice at home by having someone take a lot of pictures of her.

Kendal says she never actually followed Tyra’s advice because she was so discouraged after being eliminated, she was ready to quit modeling all together.

“Mr. Jay’s critiques (during the photo shoots) were pretty harsh to me. He would not say anything good … he would just say how I was struggling or how I was boring … so I started questioning myself and whether this was for me,” says Kendal.

“Deep down inside I know I was passionate for modeling, that I wasn’t going to let that get to me but it (made me) emotionally exhausted.”

Tyra also told Kendal that she was born a model but wasn’t modeling and compared her to a colt with wobbly legs who is unsure of herself and keeps falling down.

With absolutely no prior modeling experience, Kendal thinks she was doing pretty well, considering.

“I think because this is a high fashion cycle … they expected me to be a little bit greater I guess. I have no clue. I thought I did pretty good to have zero experience.”

The judges did have one positive comment though – they felt Kendal’s look was rare and they hadn’t seen a girl like that in years. She says it definitely helped boost her confidence.

“It has but they (didn’t tell me that) until after I was eliminated,” she says with a laugh. “I wish they would’ve kept telling me throughout the competition but yeah, I’m very thankful they said that.”

That, along with the support she’s received from fans since the show aired, has convinced Kendal to keep pursuing her dream of being a model.

She plans to start off in a smaller market to get more experience and also get a degree so she has a backup plan.

“If I can go to school and I can model and do all these runway shows, that would be great.”

Seven girls are still in the running to be “America’s Next Top Model.” The winner will receive a contract with IMG Models, a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, a spread and cover of ‘Beauty in Vogue’ and for the first time ever, a spread in ‘Vogue Italia.’

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