'ANTM's' Ashley is excited to be back to being a mum

'ANTM's' Ashley is excited to be back to being a mum
by: Lindsay Zier-Vogel

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Though Scottish model Ashley Brown “absolutely loved Toronto,” she was not a huge fan of the CN Tower.

“I was absolutely petrified! It was a beautiful view, but I’m just so scared of heights!” says the 22-year-old model who was the most recent girl eliminated from“America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion.”

On this week’s episode, now available online at CTV.ca, the models headed up to Canada to participate in Toronto Fashion Week.

 “I loved getting to see backstage and to be able to really see what goes on, and then getting to watch the other girls walk the catwalk, I loved it!"

Ashley’s walk, however,  was deemed “too hip-y” for many of the Toronto designers, and she didn’t book a single job. “It was disappointing, but it was a learning experience,” she says.

She admits her walk wasn’t strong going into the competition. “And when I was put (in front of) the designers, I was nervous. It would’ve been nice to have done a catwalk, though," she says.

“I’ve been practicing my walk and working on not moving my bum as much!”

For their very Canadian photo shoot, the models were dressed in bright red maple leaves while maple syrup was poured on their bodies. “I opened my eye a bit, then (syrup) was in my eye, so I wiped it and my fake eyelashes came off a bit,” Ashley explains.

“It’s fun thinking about it now, but at the time, I knew I wasn’t doing my best.”

Because she hadn’t booked any gigs in Toronto, and didn’t feel confident with her photo shoot, she prepared herself for elimination, and wasn’t surprised whenTyra said she’d be heading home.

But the silver lining in that farewell was that Tyra mentioned Ashley should consider being a television presenter. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot, actually,” says Ashley. “I think if you don’t try, you don’t know. I might as well take advice from Tyra Banks and just go for it!”

She admits it was very difficult being away from her two kids, who are six and three. When she was doing “Britain’s Next Top Model”, London was just an hour plane ride from her home, but being in the U.S., made her feel anxious about being so far away from her children. “I missed them a lot,” she says.

She’s picked up a few Scottish modeling jobs since her return, and there’s an agency in Glasgow that has expressed interest in representing her. “That’d be exciting,” she says.

But her main focus these days is her two children. “I love being a mum. I wouldn’t change it for the world,” she says.

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