ANTM win has finally sunk in for Nicole

ANTM win has finally sunk in for Nicole
by: Sheri Block

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Despite being in utter shock when Tyra Banks called her name, Nicole Fox says it has finally sunk in that she is America’s Next Top Model.

The 18-year-old from Louisville, Colo., was chosen as the winner of Cycle 13 during Wednesday night’s finale, beating out 19-year-old Laura Kirkpatrick from Stanford, Ky.

“Well after 30 interviews it’s starting to seem a little more real, I have to admit,” Nicole says with a laugh. 

Not only did she not expect to win, she says she even broke down backstage while the judges were deliberating because she thought she had blown the competition after performing poorly in the CoverGirl commercial and final runway challenge.

“To have come so far and been so consistent and blow it in the very final episode, I was totally devastated so I did not see it coming when they announced me as the winner,” says Nicole.

At 5’7,” Nicole becomes the first America’s Next Top “petite” Model and says she never thought being a top model was even a possibility for her before the show.

“Most agencies would turn you away at the door … I would be lucky to gain an interview with a very small agency, let alone anything based in New York or L.A. or something very well-known, like Wilhelmina, which I’m signed with now.” 

As well as a modeling contract with the top agency, Nicole will receive a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl and will appear on the cover of Seventeen Magazine, along with a six-page spread.

During the deliberations, the judges – Banks, Nigel Barker and Miss J – thought Nicole could work more as a high-fashion model with a shot at an international career, while Laura would be embraced in America and better suited for commercial modeling.

Nicole hopes she can take her career in the direction the judges see for her.

“I love the artistic side of modeling and I think that’s more the fashion (side) than the commercial … I’m certainly not going to turn down any job that comes my way but if I could possibly get into the fashion side of modeling that would definitely be in my sights for my future.”

She knows that even with the title of America’s Next Top Model, it will still be a challenge to prove herself as a petite model.

“My height is not ideal for the fashion industry, even for commercial modeling to be honest, but it’s just going to make me work all that much harder.”

Nicole went through a dramatic evolution during the competition – she was so shy and awkward at the beginning, she barely spoke, and Jay Manuel even asked her at one point if she was awake. Nicole says being on the show was definitely a growing experience for her.

“I was so terrified, so camera shy, and so intimidated by the girls around me but throughout the competition I really gained a lot more confidence and by the end, I think there was a marked difference … although I do admit that by the end of those two months of filming, my true personality never came out on the show. I’m a lot less reserved in my real life and around people who really know me.”

Nicole’s unsettling demeanour and stories about how she had earned the nickname “Bloody Eyeball” due to a condition she had at birth, or how she carried her books to school in a wheelbarrow, didn’t do much for forming friendships in the house, but she says she’s been able to reconnect with some of the girls since she’s returned home.

“I did regret that at the time but luckily now that we’ve returned to our normal lives and we can call each other and see each other off camera, I’ve actually made really great friends with several of the girls. I wasn’t able to do that on camera because I was not comfortable enough so luckily that’s been somewhat redeemed.”

Nicole was studying fine arts and English at Colorado University prior to ANTM, but will put that on hold for now as she embarks on her new career.

“I just want to take full advantage of this opportunity and really do everything I can with the exposure I’ve gotten from the show.”


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