'ANTM' runner-ups on not making the cut, their future plans and all the drama

'ANTM' runner-ups on not making the cut, their future plans and all the drama
by: Sheri Block

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Krista has been crowned the newest “America’s Next Top Model” but Cycle 14 runner-ups Raina, Angelea and Alexandra have no plans of stopping their modeling careers. Each of the girls recently spoke to CTV.ca about making it so close to the end, their future plans, and all that drama…

Raina plans to make second place as good as first

Raina is not ‘America’s Next Top Model’ but the bubbly 22-year-old student from Minnetonka, Minn., couldn’t be happier.

“Of course I wish I would have won but I’m super happy for (Krista) and to be honest I couldn’t be happier myself,” says Raina. “I love where I ended; I love taking second place. It gives me freedom to choose my own agency and I’m really excited about it.”

Throughout the competition, Raina became known for her positive attitude and says her outlook on life has definitely helped her put losing the title so close to the end in perspective.

“The only thing you can really control in life is your attitude and the way you react to things … if you have a positive outlook and a positive attitude and you don’t let other things get you down regardless of the situation, you’re much more likely to succeed and have fun along the way.”

But Raina wasn’t always so confident, especially when it came to her looks. Describing herself as an “ugly duckling,” Raina says she was shy and awkward growing up and hated her big eyebrows and lips – something the ‘ANTM’ judges continuously praised her for.

“I would put concealer over my lips to make them look smaller and I would pluck and wax my eyebrows almost completely off my face but now since I’ve heard such great things about them … I am definitely embracing them.”

Raina says being on ‘ANTM’ was a tremendous confidence boost.

“After seeing my photos up on the screen in panel and seeing the great things they had to say about me was nothing but motivating and it’s going to stick with me forever.”

Even though the judges thought Raina would be better suited for more commercial work in the U.S., the aspiring model has already proved them wrong by booking her first international campaign in Dubai.

“I’m going to take (the judges’) advice but at the same time I’m definitely going to pursue international modeling – Asia, Europe, everywhere. I’m going to try and appeal to every market. I’m not going to stop with just the U.S.”

Angelea plans to prove the ‘haters’ wrong

Getting cut right before the final 2 was definitely upsetting for Angelea, but the 23-year-old answering service operator from Buffalo, N.Y., says it didn’t take long to get over it. 

“After 10 minutes, I was fine with it because the judges had made their decision so I can’t do anything but respect (that) so I’m cool with it.”

Since returning home, Angelea is even more determined to pursue a career in modeling – despite what the judges might think. During the judging panel, Jay Manuel commented how he didn’t think Angelea would go on to model on her own, if she wasn’t crowned the winner.

“I don’t know where he got that assumption from because I tried out for the show countless times and I made it,” says Angelea, who plans to head to New York City to try and get signed by some agencies.

“I’m a go-getter, I persevered through a lot of things that I’ve been through and I’m going to be able to prove the haters wrong.”

Angelea says since she came from the “ghetto” the other girls on the show made assumptions about her that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

“I guess people feel that because I come from a certain area that I was uneducated or I didn’t know about worldly things … (but) I’m a history buff (and) I’m as smart as hell,” says Angelea.

After appearing on Cycle 12 of ‘ANTM’ Angelea knew her reputation would precede her for Cycle 14, but hopes that by the end of the competition the other girls got to know a different side of her.

“I do come off as street and kind of in-your-face and everything like that so I think for the girls to see that side of me, was like, ‘Ok, well she’s much more than just this girl from the east side of Buffalo and (from the ‘hood’).”

Angelea knows it looks like she was at the centre of a lot of the drama in the house but she insists only one side of her was portrayed.

“A lot of people were like, ‘Oh my God Angelea we feel like you’re so mean and you’re such a bitch’ and I’m like, ‘I’m not that way, that’s one side of me so I think it was very one-sided.’”  

She says she’s not angry or disappointed with how she was portrayed on the show and figured that would be the case, considering she has such a strong personality.

“They edited it to make it look like you know I was the hardest person in the world to get along with but it’s TV, I respect it. I’m not mad. I thought it was very entertaining. I laughed when I watched it.”

Alexandra says not having a ‘sob story’ may have cost her the competition

The judges eliminated Alexandra because they felt they didn’t know who she was, but the 21-year-old student from Kerrville, Texas, isn’t sorry for not having a “sob story.”

“I’ve had a really great life but I don’t think I should have to apologize for that. I grew up very fortunate and I don’t owe anybody an apology. I think that’s an awful reason to eliminate someone but I really don’t have a sob story.”

She believes she did express her personality on ‘ANTM’ but adds it’s hard to show all sides of yourself in the context of the show.

“I’m really active; I work with animals all the time – it’s hard to bring (that side of you to) that atmosphere because you can’t bring your dog on the show with you.”

With no previous modeling experience, Alexandra says being on ‘ANTM’ was “exhilarating” and it definitely made her realize she wants to pursue the career further.

“I am more interested in the high fashion and things like that. I wanted to be a ‘Victoria’s Secret Angel’ since I was God knows when, so something along those lines.”

Classified as Cycle 14’s “plus-size model,” Alexandra says she thinks she proved you don’t have to be a size zero to make it in this industry.

“You don’t have to be what society depicts as beautiful to be found beautiful by others or to find yourself beautiful.

“I think that was one of the biggest rewards that I’ve had from being on the show is that I am put in a position where I can help young women.”


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