Goodbye, drought! Keith Urban believes it's raining talented women on 'Idol'

Goodbye, drought! Keith Urban believes it's raining talented women on 'Idol'
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by: Vince Mirenzi

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That's a pretty big number, and also the number of days it's been since a female has won the "American Idol" crown.

Yes, it’s been a long time since May 23, 2007, when Phoenix-native Jordin Sparks defeated beatboxing Blake Lewis to claim the “Idol” crown, but one very important person thinks the girls’ drought is coming to an end – Keith Urban.

In a conference call with, the "Idol" judge and Australian country music sensation was clear about who he thinks has the upper hand heading into this season's Top-24 reveal.

"All I can say, at least from what we just saw last night, it's absolutely a girls year to win in my opinion.

"That's not to say the guys aren't strong, because they really are. It's really just a testament to how strong the girls are this year."

Urban also believes that having one of the most dynamic female entertainers, Mariah Carey, on the judging panel, has supported the development of this season's female contestants.

 "I certainly think having someone like Mariah, inarguably one of the world’s great vocalists . . . [has] been a real plus to the show.

"Any girl, I think, would love the opportunity to sing for Mariah and get feedback from her."

Among this season's female standouts are Angela Miller, who Keith praised for performing a "superb" original song last week, Candice Glover and Melinda Ademi.

While Urban attested that the women currently hold the power, he made clear there's one thing that supplants the sexes in his judging.

"I want to see the emergence of great artistry, male, female, doesn’t really matter."

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