Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is my favourite show coming back?  What time will it air?
A. Scheduling information on our web site is updated frequently.  Please continue to check for the most up to date programming information.

Q. I missed my favourite show.  Can I buy a copy from CTV?
A. Unfortunately CTV does not have the rights to sell any of our programs. CTV only purchases the rights to broadcast our programming. However, many of our programs are available online so please visit

Q. Why are there so many crime shows on your schedule?
A. CTV strives to provide viewers with a variety of programming.  We've got great comedies like Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, dramas like Grey's Anatomy and Once Upon A Time and reality shows like Dancing With the Stars and X Factor.

Q. Why isn't my favourite show available online?
A. Unfortunately CTV doesn't always have the rights to air our shows online but we continue to strive to provide the best programming possible on

Q. Why can't I watch my favourite show in HD?
A.  This may be for a couple of reasons.  The show may not be produced in HD or the channel you are watching may not have the capability to broadcast in HD.

Q.  How often is the scheduling information on your website updated?
A.  The scheduling information on our website is updated approximately every three hours.

Q. What is signal substitution?
A. As you flip through TV channels, you may notice that you're seeing Canadian ads on American channels. This is the result of signal substitution.

Signal substitution is when a distributor temporarily replaces the signal of one TV channel with another channel that's showing the same program at the same time. Usually, an American signal is replaced with a Canadian signal. Sometimes, a Canadian signal from outside your area is replaced with a local signal.  A program that originates in the US may be showing in both Canada and the US at the same time. The Canadian broadcaster airs Canadian ads but the program is the same. So when program substitution occurs, the only difference is that you see Canadian commercials on an American channel.

Q.  Why is the online video not working?
For a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting viewing issues, please visit our Video Player FAQ page, click here.

Q. When will my favourite show be available online?
CTV is committed to bringing the best video content to online viewers and we strive to post shows online in most cases as soon as they are finished premiering on broadcast across the country.  Generally, we aim to make episodes available by 9am ET the following day. Our catalogue of shows is always growing, so please check back often to see if your favourite programs have been added.

Q. How long are videos available online/Where are old videos?
Windows of availability differ from program to program ranging in most cases from 1 to 3 weeks.

Q. Why do commercials seem louder than programs?
There are many reason commercials may seem louder than programs. Please click here for more information on commercial audio levels.
Q. Does CTV air programs with descriptive video?
CTV airs many programs with DV such as Flashpoint, W5, Comedy Now!, Corner Gas, CSI, The Big Bang Theory and many other programs including movies and documentaries.
Q. How can I get tickets to The Marilyn Denis show?
Marilyn would love to have you in her audience! To request tickets, please go to   
Q. Where can I buy "Believe" Olympic clothing?
A. Please visit for more information.

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